Kylian Mbappe's Transfer Saga Is Football's Schrödinger's Cat
Kylian Mbappe's Transfer Saga Is Football's Schrödinger's Cat

Where will Kylian Mbappe go? 

Kylian Mbappe is leaving Paris Saint-Germain. He is finally leaving his boyhood club. Or is he? What if Emmanuel Macron dials him up to stay in the city that has forged his excellency, just like last time? The transfer saga of Mbappe is a never-ending thought experiment, football's own version of Schrödinger's Cat, where you won't know if Mbappe is leaving Paris or living in Paris until Mbappe finally leaves Paris. The plotline that has been repeated for the last three years is having another rendition moment this year. Everyone's wondering about the next destination of football's hottest commodity, a one-man entity with a monetary worth so grand only a few clubs in the world can think of signing him up. Unlike signing though, dreaming comes without a cost, it's devoid of any tinge of realism, and what is Mbappe if not the stuff of dreams? Dreamers, there are many. But we look at clubs who can turn this dream into reality. Inadvertently, this is also the list of clubs that have been the chief beneficiaries of the game's great financial divide.


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Real Madrid


There's an unwritten rule of the transfer market that it's futile to chase a player who is under the radar of Real Madrid. Another maxim is that you never say no to a club like Real Madrid. Every player who kicks the ball for the first time aspires to play at Santiago Bernabeu. Mbappe is no different, having expressed his desire to settle in Madrid in the past. If Moolah hadn't come in the way of his desire last time, the striker would have already been playing in Spain. Life (read: Florentino Perez) rarely gives you a second chance, but when did the general law of living apply to the man whose game is built on defying physics? If reports are to be believed, Los Blancos are ready to move over the great betrayal and offer him a place, but this time on their terms and conditions. Will Mbappe be happy to offer a compromise?




It's been a long since Thierry Henry immortalised his name in the hearts of Arsenal fans. If Arsenal want to do The Invincibles 2.0, they need a French striker who can tear away the opponents with searing pace, otherworldly shots, and great combination play. Which immediately brings us to Mbappe. But do they have a coffer deep enough to accommodate Mbappe's expenses? Crowdfunding is never a bad idea, fellas.




Why Kylian Mbappe should join Barcelona? Because the only place you can go if you're down is up. In the age of instant gratification, Mbappe can be the icon by choosing delayed gratification, choosing the hard way out. 


Manchester City


To move from one oil club to another oil club is not a bad idea. This sense of familiarity that Manchester City offers is irresistible. Mbappe mostly had a free run under whoever he played, so maybe he would like to understand how it feels to play under a strict disciplinarian like Guardiola. 


Manchester United


There's no reason why a player at the peak of his power would choose a club that are in a constant state of crisis. But have you seen Mbappe play on the pitch? At his best, he's unstoppable, unpredictable. What if the unpredictability of his movement on the pitch seeps into his movement off the pitch? 




You may have a World Cup title, but do you know how it feels to touch that 'This is Anfield' poster every time you step out to play? The only way to know is by playing for Liverpool. 

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