Koenigsegg Unveils The CC850 Inspired From Its First Model The CC8S
1,404PS-Powered Koenigsegg CC850 Has Both A Manual And An Automatic Transmission

Over a 1000PS of power on tap, with a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1

From the company which bought us the Regera, Jesko and the Gemera, comes another unique creation called the Koenigsegg CC850. Unveiled internationally last weekend, the hypercar while being a quintessential Koenigsegg, comes with a unique twist (in a good way).


Unlike modern supercars which seem to be slowly transitioning into looking like a Mars-bound spaceship, the Koenigsegg CC850 does something different. The new hypercar is designed after the brand’s first-ever production model, the CC8S, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. 



But the twist doesn’t come in the form of a high-tech hybrid engine or complicated aerodynamic wizardry. Instead, the brand has tinkered around with its transmission setup. The CC850 comes with both a manual and automatic transmission! Called the ‘Engage Shift System (ESS),’ this multi-ratio transmission takes inspiration from Jesko’s multi-clutch Light Speed Transmission.



This system allows for seamless manual and automatic shifting. Unlike modern manual/automatic cars, the ESS keeps its clutch pedal, to change between the 6-speed transmission, which Koenigsegg describes as “one of the most engaging manuals ever created.” However, the driver can shift to the automatic mode, which has nine speeds and can shift on its own. Here, the gear ratios are determined by the driving modes you select, much like any other hypercar.



What’s different here though is the smooth transition between the gated manual and the automatic transmission, which is achieved by super-intricate linkage. Perhaps nothing signifies the car’s seriousness over providing a true manual experience than the posh-looking knob topped by the Swedish flag. 



The CC850 bears close resemblance with the original, albeit with a few dimensional changes. For instance, the CC850 is 7 inches longer than the CC8S. Other design changes here include rectangular taillights at the rear, a smoother bumper and the addition of a large diffuser. What remains the same are the synchrohelix doors and the retractable roof. Oh, and it also comes with the company’s Autoskin function, which opens all doors and body panels at the a press of a button. 



Inside things are quite Koenigsegg-like, with red ascent all over the cabin along with a symmetrical dashboard and an instrument console, reminiscent of the CC8S. There’s also copious amounts of carbon fibre across the interiors. The feature list here consists of climate control, surround-view camera, Apple CarPlay, wireless phone charging and more. 



Sitting underneath its hood is the company’s twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 motor, which makes 1201PS of power. In case that’s not enough, this figure can be boosted to 1404PS with the use of an E85 fuel tank. Weighing at just 1,385kg, the high-revving hypercar has a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1!


While prices aren’t out yet, the rumour mill suggests that each of the 50 units built will start around the $3 million price mark. However, we expect the CC850 to be sold out by the time this article is published. 

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