Did You Know Viral Bhayani Is India’s Answer To Hollywood Paparazzi?
Did You Know Viral Bhayani Is India’s Answer To Hollywood Paparazzi?

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape Viral Bhayani’s camera.


You can run you can hide, but you can’t escape Viral Bhayani’s camera, more so if you happen to be a celebrity. And if you thought only Hollywood paparazzi go to extraordinary lengths to click their favourite celebrities, you’re mistaken. 


Whether it is the airport or outside the homes of your favourite Bollywood stars, Viral Bhayani has his ways and means to capture celebs at their candid best and we definitely think he is India’s answer to Hollywood paps. So here we are, stalking his Instagram account to unearth some gems for you guys. Take a look. 


He seems to know a great deal about Sid and Alia’s relationship






“They are madly in love and here is the proof that they are committed to each other. I saw her car approaching Sid’s pad and snapped #aliabhatt on my phone when she was entering #siddharthmalhotra apartment last afternoon. Later pap Manoj Mehra from team snapped Siddharth visit Alias home before she took of  for a flight. They are both busy as hell but make sure to spend good time with each other.”



He’s definitely a detective 






“Some people have to beg for life as there is bad luck in their life. This beggar got my attention considering last week he managed to break #shahrukhkhan‘s tight security cordon and convinced him to talk to him. The incident happened at Estelle at Juhu, as soon Khan’s exit, this beggar started shouting to get his attention. Obviously the security did not want him around and asked him to leave. This beggar started praising about Raees and how well it had done at the box office. Call it a marketing tactics of that beggar but it worked and Khan not only touched his forehead and offered him 500 bucks.”



Stalking his Instagram account, we realised his love for airports






“This has to be my favourite airport picture of #karanjohar from all his past spottings. It works for me as it instantly grabs my attention and I’m no fashion police, infact I’m their opposite. I loved his quirky style tonight. Stop caring what the world thinks you should wear or not. Enjoy life and get noticed. My rating 10 on 10 for Karan.”



Again, he seems to know celebs more than they know themselves 






“They may not be back as a couple but they are pretty much back as good pals and that’s very good for the little ones. Happy pics sends good vibes and spreads love and happiness.”



Reinstating his love for airports 






“I should have been at the airport last night. But I cannot be so greedy and be present everywhere. My two favourite legends #rekha and #ericprydz arrived at the very same time. Yup #pryda is in town, he is my legend, he takes away all my worries when I listen to his tunes.”


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