Why KFC's New Line Of Clothing Is A Huge Disaster
Why KFC’s New Line Of Clothing Is A Huge Disaster

If you’re talking about bizarre and unnecessary collaborations, this might just top the list

Streetwear enthusiasts, also popularly known as Hypebeasts, have taken over 2018 in their own way by sporting outlandish clothing styles by their favourite streetwear brands that aren’t afraid to collaborate with anyone or anything. And the fast food chain KFC and Tokyo based streetwear brand HUMANMADE’s latest collaboration proves just that.


Nigo, streetwear pioneer and the creator of Bape and HUMANMADE, is said to have a lifelong obsession for the fast food’s brand ambassador Colonel Sanders and he decided to turn his obsession in to a collaboration. Nigo was also invited to the KFC headquarters to have a look at their archives and their chicken making process to help inspire him. It’s safe to say that it all went well and now we have an unnecessary KFC clothing line. 

The collection consists of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, bandanas, caps and tote bags, all with KFC’s imprint on it. It’s no surprise that all of these are ridiculously overpriced. Rs. 25,775 for the jacket, Rs. 4,237 for the cap and Rs. 18,360 for a simple paper mache display. 



The collection will be available at the HUMANMADE store in Tokyo, a pop-up store in New York and also on HBX. But I don’t understand who in their right mind would want to wear a jacket or cap with “Kentucky Fried Chicken” written on it unless they work at a KFC outlet.

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