Keisha Lall in 20 questions
Keisha Lall in 20 questions

In less than four years of career, she has ruled brands and music videos


Tell us something about yourself.


I am a film and media studies graduate. My family is Indian and Guyanese, but I was born and raised in London. I have been modelling for almost four years and, in that time, have travelled to some amazing parts of the world. I love my job. Although I have had ‘regular’ jobs before, I don’t think I’d be content in a 9 to 5, five-days-a-week profession.


Where does the Lall in your name come from?


It is my mum’s maiden name and comes from the region of Rajasthan, although we aren’t sure where exactly.


What do you like most about your body?


My cheekbones.


Describe yourself to us in one line.


I am loyal, happy, outgoing and I am comfortable with who I am.


How did a London girl end up in India?


I was scouted by my agency, Anima Creatives. The prospect of working in a market where my ‘look’ is in demand encouraged me to come here and develop my portfolio. I am always willing to explore new options.


Was India anything like you imagined?


I’m not sure I knew what to imagine. Nothing seems real until I am physically there. It didn’t feel like I was going to India until I was sat in my seat on the plane. It didn’t feel like I was there until I walked outside, on the roads. In hindsight, however, it was better than I expected it to be.


Tell us about your experience in India.


It was magnificent. There was a certain energy from the first day that spurred me on throughout my stay. My only struggle was with the spicy food.


How has your boyfriend taken to your working in India?


Through all my travelling, he is so supportive. He always wants me to be careful and safe, but trusts that I know what I’m doing. He is a strong factor in my motivation to keep exploring my career options.


What is your opinion of Indian men?


I have a high opinion of the Indian men I met. They were very respectful and will be lasting friends of mine.


Did they hit on you?


Of course they did, but nothing I couldn’t handle.


Were their pickup lines different from the ones you are used to?


All men use the same pickup lines.


What about Indian women? How did you like them?


The Indian women I worked and interacted with have a great work ethic. The women, in general, I think, are so pretty and have a certain natural grace.


What was the funniest thing you saw in India?


The rickshaw driving. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The drivers are very skilled, weaving in and out of traffic and pedestrians like they do.


Besides work, is there anything that would bring you back to India?


Travelling, for sure. There is so much to see and so much more culture to soak in.


Do you have any Bollywood dreams?


I think the language barrier is tough to overcome, not to say I don’t like a challenge. But, then, there is my acting skills, or lack of. I think I’ll leave it to the professionals.


Did you meet any Bollywood stars?


I didn’t get to meet any, no. I would love to meet some and pick their brain about the industry.


You have worked in Paris, New York City and Australia. Describe each of those places in one line.


Paris is romantic. New York is like the movies. Australia is its own chilled-out bubble.


Compare British men to American, French and Australian men.


They all have their own positive attributes. British guys are polite when getting to know you, Americans shower you with gifts, the French are romantic, and Ozzie men display their masculinity a lot more in the hope of wooing you. I have grown up with British men, so their mannerisms are familiar to me. However, my heart lies with my Caribbean man.


Which book are you reading now?


Guy de Maupassant’s Bel-Ami.


Red wine or white wine? Twitter or Facebook?Clean-shaven men or three-day stubble?Coffee or tea?Party girl or early to bed? Goa or southern France?


White wine. Facebook. Clean shaven. Tea. Party girl. Goa.

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