Kapil Sharma, Please Retire
Kapil Sharma, Please Retire

Please take some time off to introspect. 

Kapil Sharma, 


I just saw your latest film Firangi, and it was so bad that I needed to take a shower afterwards. You’ve put a romantic song, some emotions and your usual idiotic gags in order to produce a wholesome family entertainer. It’s intended to be a warm film, but it’s far away from that. It’s sad that you had to produce this film yourself, despite your popularity. A lot of actors turn producers after they have established themselves, but you decided to risk so much money you made doing The Kapil Sharma Show on this. 


It’s clear that your popularity dwindled drastically after your public spat with Sunil Grover, who deserves as much credit as you for the success of your show. Your gags were never funny for me (barring a few instances) and I never liked any of the characters on the show. I am no master, but I think you lost your humility somewhere along the way with all that success you got. I am not saying that’s your fault, it’s only basic human nature to fall down once you’re at the top, because that’s the only place you can go.


Even at your peak, we thought your jokes were an assault on the senses. Sometimes, when you were with guests, you were funny. Not any time else.


I am confident that most of the laughing that the guests did was forced, as they had to appear interested in a popular show that had lots of viewers. If they kept a straight face, they would have pissed off so many viewers. A bad career move on their part. 


But I didn’t have any such obligation. When I could not change the channel, because my relatives were watching you, I cringed incredibly at some of the jokes. In fact, in order to write this piece, I went through some of these gags on YouTube again. 




This one is a disgrace in the name of observational humour. Really, cracking a joke on how a fat person’s stomach enlarges by 4.5 inches after they’re done eating, seems funny enough for you to say on national television? Give me a break. 


We don’t know if Sidhu’s laughter was genuine, or the television channel cut and pasted it in between so as to give the audience an illusion that the jokes are actually witty. 


Probably your style of comedy was funny for a while, but now audiences are sick of your punches, they are sick of your voice and they are sick of your jokes. Please take some time off to introspect. 


Best wishes,



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