Did Kangana Ranut Take A Dig At Ranbir Kapoor In Instagram Story?
Reddit Feels Kangana Ranaut’s Cryptic Instagram Status Was Aimed At Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt

In a latest Instagram status Kangana Ranaut has stated that someone from Bollywood has been trying to sabotage her. And a Reddit user claims to know who she’s referring to

Kangana Ranaut is back in the limelight again. A few hours ago the Emergency actress posted a long status on Instagram which was related to her data getting leaked. She wrote that she doesn’t share her schedule with the paparazzi and yet they get her location every time she steps out or even when she’s at her home. The actress went on to raise concerns about her WhatsApp data getting leaked and even being spied. In the second part of her monologue, Ranaut mentions that a Bollywood actor is trying to sabotage her plans. She says that he is trying to mentally traumatize her, by levelling further allegations about issues in the actor’s marriage.  


As soon as the post went up, Redditors were quick to investigate who Kangana was talking about. And one particular user claimed that Ranaut’s post was targeted towards Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The user posted a collage to highlight Bhatt was actually wearing a similar saree that Ranaut referred to in her post.



This has started a whole new conversation on Reddit and the opinions are quite interesting to read about. Here are a few:









In an interview the actress had previously said that her life had rock bottom but she managed it somehow. “Even today, people say, “How come you are so fearless? Why do you always do things which are going against your career?” It’s easy to see I really do not care, because it means nothing to me; it did not do anything to me. I started to feel lost. It came to a point where my life became very dark, and I could see no hope. I was at the peak of my career, but I had to live with that sort of emptiness I had in me,” she said.


Lead Image: Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

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