“I Roam Around In My Chappals On Various Channels Promoting My Films”
“I Roam Around In My Chappals On Various Channels Promoting My Films”

John Abraham opens up about why he hates promoting his films and attending award ceremonies.


John Abraham has been in the limelight these days with the release of Force 2, which also stars Sonakshi Sinha. Before that, he grabbed headlines for walking out of Comedy Nights Bachao, hosted by Krishna Abhishek. He recently opened up to a leading daily about why he hates promoting his films, attending award ceremonies and much more.


On being asked the reasons as to why he walked out of Comedy Nights Bachao, John stated, “I am a meticulous media marketing planner. But even I’ve to admit that a lot of the media stuff we do to promote a film, is wasteful”.


On whether he could make an epic film out of a budget that is set aside for marketing of big films, he was quick to point out, “I’ll reserve comments on epic films because they often shut down shop. But yes, the marketing budget can easily fund an entire film. Still, I roam around in my chappals on various channels promoting my films”.



John also discussed why he doesn’t attend award functions. He frankly stated, “Speaking in the capacity of a producer, when studios are attached to a film, there are certain commitments that one must fulfil. But I am totally against city tours and television events to promote a film”. He also added, “I will never stand around in a mall, throw T-shirts and blow kisses. Ultimately, it’s the product that counts, not how much you sell it”.


John Abraham also has an opinion on most award shows organised in the country. He doesn’t like to attend award shows because these “functions are live shows where actors get paid to perform. The same actors win all the awards every year. I don’t know how that actor doesn’t get bored. I am one actor who doesn’t get that chance”, he quipped.


Lastly, on being asked whether he would prefer an award or rather get bored, he cheekily replied, “Both”.

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