Where Is Jennifer Robertson, Wife Of Netflix's Crytpo King, Gerald Cotten?
What Happened To Jennifer Robertson, The Widow Of Netflix’s ‘Crypto King’

Here’s everything the Netflix documentary didn’t tell you .

Netflix seems to be on a roll with its true-crime documentaries. After bringing us the Tinder Swindler, Inventing Anna and Bad Vegan, the latest addition to its queue is Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King. 


The crypto-scam documentary puts the spotlight on Gerald “Gerry” Cotten and his company Quadriga CX. The hour and half long documentary is a rollercoaster ride, involving a mysterious death, internet investigators and of course, millions of dollars being swindled. 


In case you’ve seen the documentary, you may have noticed (spoiler alert) Jennifer Robertson, wife of Gerry and an alleged second mastermind of this case, never makes an appearance. This has left many unanswered questions, including where is she now and what happened to the money? We’ve done some digging and here’s what we found. 


She returned most of the money 



After Gerry’s death, Robertson is said to have inherited millions of dollars in real estate holdings. However, in October 2019 through a voluntary settlement, she returned CA$12 million worth of assets to Quadriga. 


She was only allowed to keep around $90,000 in cash, her retirement savings plan (worth $20,000), a personal car (a Jeep) and personal jewellery along with her clothing and some furniture. Her statement at the time read, “this settlement will allow me to move on with the next chapter of my life.”


She’s co-authored a book 



The unravelling of Gerald Cotten’s duplicitous nature was a shock to everyone, including his wife Robertson. Recounting her experience living with the man, she co-authored a book, titled Bitcoin Widow: Love, Betrayal and the Missing Millions with Stephen Kimber. It was published in January 2022 and recalls how Robertson saw her marriage through “rose-coloured glasses.”


She still lives in Canada 



As mentioned in the documentary, after receiving a flurry of death threats from Quadriga users, Robertson temporarily moved to a safe house. The location of which wasn’t known to even her siblings. Recently, reports have emerged suggesting that Robertson now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 


She now works as a part-time waitress and is currently studying to be a teacher. Robertson is also expecting a daughter with her partner. The couple has two chihuahuas together – Nitro and Gully. 


She still denies any wrongdoing 


Throughout the documentary, we learn that Robertson was paid a commission to process the payments for QuadrigaCX through a firm set up in her name. However, she claims that Gerry was always in charge of those accounts. In a rare appearance, Robertson made an apologetic statement, saying, “I would have never, ever stolen from other people. And the fact that he did what he did — I carry his shame with me. And I’ll carry that shame with me, probably, every single day for the rest of my life.”


Image credits: Netflix, Instagram, Goodreads

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