Interview Of Falguni And Shane Peacock
Tastemakers Of Luxury: Falguni And Shane Peacock

Known for edgy and experimental wear, designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock have always been synonymous with the red carpet-meets-rock n’ roll aesthetic. In a freewheeling chat, the duo talks about their attempt to constantly innovate, evolve, and seduce with the power of their metier.

Falguni and Shane Peacock were the first designers in India to pepper their menswear with fluttery feathers, which took shapes of floor-sweeping capes, shrugs, and tuxedo accents. Rebellious, punk and subversive — their menswear is steeped in storytelling, attention to detailing, and red-carpet glamour. Drawing inspiration from musicians, cinema, and subcultures, FSP menswear has been the go-to label for Hollywood and Bollywood royalty, besides global pop sensations. Upbeat, sassy, and wearable — their metallic bombers, sharp tuxedos, and sensual mesh shirts embody their penchant for bold, uninhibited, and fearless dressing. Over to the designers.



Falguni Shane Peacock menswear is synonymous with musicians, actors, and influencers globally. Who’s the FSP man?


The FSP man is youthful, edgy, and comfortable with what he is wearing. He’s fearless and confident. His style is personalised and nuanced.


You were one of the first designers in India to experiment with feathers in menswear. Now one sees feathers eclipsing the menswear landscape. How does it feel?


We have never followed trends as designers. We’ve always broken rules. Having showcased internationally, we’ve added our own distinct language to each collection. There was a time when people were not open to the idea of feathers, but now they’re opening up to edgy styles, silhouettes, and embellishments. I’ve always believed that every brand has to stay true to their DNA.



At India Couture Week last year, you sent out men with some ornate headgear — a new interpretation of the sehra, perhaps. How do you attempt to modernise ceremonial men’s couture, which is synonymous with bandis and bandhgalas?


The inspiration in Indian weddings is so much that you can take from them and make them yours. At ICW, we thought of presenting the sehra as a piece of jewellery for grooms. In fact, we have clients who are keen to invest in these sehras. Today there’s a push towards being different and standing out. Modern luxury is all about customisation. It’s not about spending money, but owning something unique which suits one’s taste. For example, businessman Yohan Poonawalla gets everything customised and that, according to me, is the ultimate luxury.



Menswear today has gone edgy, from shine on fabrics to shirtless suiting. What does the future look like?


It’s a turning point in fashion. Everyone is at a crossroad right now where they either want to go ethnic or embrace OTT. tyles. Men are becoming experimental and accepting of new sensibilities. India has the largest population of youth, so the acceptance is a lot more.



You’ve also showcased fun footwear for men. Do you see branching into more menswear categories?


Somewhere down the line, we plan to branch into more menswear accessories and products.



You’ve always been associated with unconventional showstoppers. What qualities do you look for in a showstopper?


I like to bring out celebs’ personalities and let their individualities shine. Like Ishaan Khatter is so athletic so I told him that for our shoot, I wanted him hanging in the pictures. Even though he has a great body, instead of focusing on his physique, I wanted to bring out his athletic side. When Karan Johar walked for us, I wanted him to stand out among the models. We experimented with silver hair on Karan, which looked great. Recently, when we shot Vicky Kaushal, he wasn’t open to an outfit initially. But when he tried the outfit on, he came back said, ‘Oh it works’. Hats off to actors like him for being open to new ideas and embracing them with great gusto.



Any faux pas that Indian men make and should possibly avoid?


They should stop wearing ill-fitted T-shirts. Moreover, they need to understand their body type and pick clothing accordingly.

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