5 Romantic Date Ideas To Make An Indoor Valentine's Day Extra Special
Raise A Toast To Love This Valentine’s Day With These Romantic Date Night Ideas

From the perfect champagne toast to good old childish fun – we’ve got all the bases covered.

There is something magical about the onset of February. Perhaps it’s the beginning of the departure of winter that fills the air with love and helps kindle romance. Or perhaps it is the fact that Valentine’s day is almost around the corner.


Either way, it is the time to make memories of a lifetime with your partner. While you could always go the traditional way of going out for a dinner, if you want the occasion to be etched in your memories forever, you should share a more intimate experience with your partner.


Here is how you can make your indoor Valentine’s Day date one to remember.


1. Celebrate Your Own ‘Evening in Paris’ With GH Mumm


Credits: Pernod Ricard


There’s a reason why Paris is the world capital of romance, so why not bring a little bit of that into your evening?


Grab your chef’s hats and decide on a uniquely French recipe to pull off together – cooking is all about love after all. Get closer as your kitchens fill with lingering aromas – the day drawing to an end in the most delicious way imaginable.


When it comes to Paris, it’s all about the atmosphere. Get some light jazz playing in the background, dim the lights and lose yourselves in a sultry, seductive setting . But any celebration is incomplete without champagne. The tradition of drinking champagne to celebrate has its roots in the royal courts of Europe prior to 1789. The drink due to its expensive nature was viewed as a status symbol. Even today, moments of incredible achievements are commemorated with the act of popping open a bottle of champagne.


We recommend some G.H. MUMM’s Cordon Rouge – an avant garde champagne that compromises on absolutely nothing. Sourced from 120 villages painted across the beautiful landscape of Champagne, France, this truly authentic bottle is a great way to celebrate special moments with that special someone.


Champagne evokes feelings of celebration and elegance – and there’s no better example than MUMM’s painstakingly crafted Brut. The Cordon Rouge offers a tantalizing invitation from the very first sip – with its passionate hints of fruit and caramel, it’s the perfect drink to celebrate your love – now and forever.


2. Have A Relaxing DIY Spa Day


Credits: Pexels


Mondays can get pretty rough – so why not take the edge off with a bit of rest, relaxation, and romance?


Surprise your partner with a hand-written spa treatment menu, scented candles, and a curated relaxation playlist suited to their tastes. You can choose from a host of exfoliating scrubs, foot baths, face masks and more. You can even turn up the oomph by transitioning to a massage.


Accentuate the experience by adding champagne to the mix. Pop a bottle of G.H. MUUM and take a moment to toast to love – you deserve it. G.H. MUMM even offers a unique box set – complete with candles and champagne glasses to commemorate your evening.


3. Dive Into A Movie Marathon


There’s something really intimate about watching a movie together and sharing a couple-of-hours-long roller coaster of emotions with your partner. Better yet, make a list of movies you think your partner would enjoy and dive into a movie marathon.


Looking to dial the experience up a notch? Invest in a projector and recreate a theatre-like ambience at home to make the date unforgettable.


4. Karaoke Night For Two


Credits: Pexels


Load up a playlist with your favorite romantic songs – it’s time for a serenade!


Karaoke always makes for great fun – even if one of you is tone deaf, picking duets can be a great way to spend a fun evening together, and perhaps discover new favorites between you and your partner.


If you both are confident in your singing skills, perhaps it’s time for a showdown – compete with each other for the title of karaoke king or queen, and belt out your most impressive numbers!


5. Play an Adult Game


Whether we’re talking board games, cards, or plain old dice – if there’s a game you enjoy playing, chances are that there’s an adult version of it. If anything, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to try something sexy, new, and fun.


You can also make your own rules beforehand while discussing ideas with your partner – creating a game that’s tailored to both of your general personalities, preferences and perceptions of adventure.


(Featured Image Credits: Pexels)

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