Is he India’s most fashionable PM?
Is he India’s most fashionable PM?

Modi’s appearances are downright headline-worthy


Narendra Modi’s flashily monogrammed bandhgala, that he wore for his meetings with President Barack Obama, has been one of the major talking points in the world media. Incidentally, the US Prez was the first to notice ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ monogrammed all over the woollen bandhgala as pin-stripes during tea last Sunday.


Created by Bipin Chauhan, the owner of Ahmedabad-based men’s clothing store Jade Blue, the bandhgala was created out of custom-made one-time-only midnight blue fabric. Chauhan, who has been styling Modi since 1989, is also the man behind the short half-sleeved ‘Modi’ kurtas.


It reads: Narendra Damodardas Modi


“It is probably the first time that an Indian PM wore a bandhgala of this style and we made it exclusively for Modi,” Chauhan told The Indian Express, “Many celebrities may have worn a style like this before and I have designed similar ones as well, but it was a first for Modi.”


But for those who have tracked Modi’s sartorial style over the years it has not come us as a big surprise. The prime minister has always been a clothes horse. Here is an article on his style preferences that appeared in MW in May 2014.

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