Indian Matchmaking 2 Review Sima Taparia
Take Sima Taparia’s Gyaan On Indian Matchmaking 2 With A Pinch Of Salt

The wait is finally over! (pun intended)

All 8 episodes of Indian Matchmaking Season 2  were released yesterday on Netflix.  For the uninitiated, this is about a matchmaker named Sima Taparia from Mumbai who has clients from across the globe. In this season, again Sima aunty is helping guys and girls to find their perfect match. She has her traditional match-making methods which she has been using for ages, and now she is using them to make a ‘noble’ career out of it.


The first season was released in 2020 when people were locked in their homes during the pandemic. This helped the show get a good viewership.  

In this new season, Taparia is yet again seen using the age-old Indian ways of finding a suitable match. Right from a person’s height to his/her age, everything is a factor when it comes to a prospect. Aparna, a popular character from the first season, is back again because her quest to find the perfect match isn’t ending. But, she soon realizes that Sima aunty might not be able to help her and then locates a Korean-American astrologer based out of Hyderabad.  

No matter how much people criticize this series, a lot of them still watch it for entertainment. After the series went live, social media started flooding with reviews and comments from the audience.
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Taparia has been criticized as well because she always asked her clients to adjust and compromise. In one of the episodes, a client named Nadia tells Taparia that she is interested in a younger guy which Taparia totally opposes. She gives her an example of Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas but to this Taparia says that she doesn’t think they are a good pair as they have an age gap.  


But this season also shows how frustrating can it get to find the perfect match. The character of a woman named Viral reminds us of the relationship that Taparia and Aparna shared in the first season. She is an independent woman and will not settle for less, but Taparia doesn’t quite understand why she is so choosy.   Warning alert: Season 2 makes for a decent watch on a lazy weekend, but do not expect too much.

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