How To Make A Style Statement
How To Make A Style Statement

Robin Singh, Striker at Bengaluru Football Club on how to dress well

Call me arrogant, but I have never made a fashion faux pas till date. I can sport the funniest looking outfit without appearing ridiculous.


Every man should own a few wardrobe basics:  T-shirts in solid colours, cotton shorts, chinos, white and black collared shirts, gym clothes, running shoes, black formal shoes, flip-flops, and not to forget, a well-fitted suit.


I am not really brand-conscious but I love suits. My favourite is an Armani suit.


My style depends on how I’m feeling on a particular day – from in-your-face flashy to casual. On a regular day, you will find me chilling in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. As a footballer, I am fortunate to have a great pair of legs and don’t mind showing mine off.


Being stylish means being confident. So when I’m well-dressed, I feel confident.


A much-needed tip for Indian men: never buy a T-shirt that is two sizes small. If you want to look bigger, hit the gym more often.


Don’t wear skinny jeans. They are for juveniles.


The bathroom slipper is meant for the bathroom. Don’t wear it and head out. You come across as lazy.


Always make sure that you smell good. A lady takes that extra bit of effort to smell nice for you. Make sure you reciprocate the gesture.


Every occasion demands a dress code. For a formal occasion, I will team a well-fitted black suit with a bow-tie or a pocket scarf in a different colour, to add a pop of colour. If I am headed out on a date, then it will be a white shirt with my favourite chinos, a good perfume and a pair of semi-formal shoes.


If you like experimenting, go ahead and push the boundaries. I, for instance, am a big fan of shoes. I think I own more shoes than my best friend who’s a woman. So, I make my look edgy with quirky shoes.


For grooming, my staples include hair gel and wax. I love my hair and have sported a fair share of hairstyles – from trimming it down to nothing to growing it really long.


Among my icons,  David Beckham and Arjun Rampal  always looks stylish – whether in a T-shirt and jeans or a dapper suit.

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