Discovery Plus Has Dropped The Trailer For ‘House Of Hammer’
House Of Hammer Docu-Series Sheds Light On Armie Hammer’s And His Family’s Controversial Past 

Trigger warning advised

Discovery+ has dropped the first trailer of its upcoming docu-series focusing on the life of Hollywood actor, Armie Hammer. Called “House of Hammer,” the series promises to show “disturbing details” and “sinister secrets” about the actor and his family. 


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From the trailer alone, we could make out that the show will include interviews with Armie Hammer’s alleged victims and reveal the texts the  “Call Me By Your Name” actor sent to them, which included his assertion of being a “100 percent cannibal”. 


Another message of the actor to one of his alleged victims read, “I have a fantasy about having someone prove their love and devotion and tying them up in a public place at night and making their body free use”

While a different voice memo from the actor said, “My bet was going to involve showing up at your place and completely tying you up and incapacitating you and being able to do whatever I wanted to every single hole in your body until I was done with you.”

The Discovery series also features Casey Hammer, aunt of the actor and granddaughter of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, who says in the trailer, “Magnify ‘Succession’ a million times and it was my family.” 

The three-part series will start airing on September 2 and will not only focus on the actor’s downfall but also on the misdeeds of his family. Including, Julius Hammer’s manslaughter conviction in the 1920s and Julian Hammer’s self-defense killing of a man in the 1950s. Safe to say there’s a lot to unpack here. 

A statement released by Discovery mentioned that the House of Hammer’s narrative will come to life, “through a trove of archives and interviews from survivors and family members” and will showcase all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild.”

Here’s how the internet has reacted to it

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Image credits: Discovery+


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