Arjun Mathur's Hottest Made In Heaven Hook Ups
Arjun Mathur’s Hottest Made In Heaven Hook Ups

We have decided to compile a list of the hottest men that actor Arjun Mathur ‘hooked up’ with on the show

The Made In Heaven train (which we had all boarded) is losing steam now but we have decided to compile a list of the hottest men that actor Arjun Mathur ‘hooked up’ with on the show.


However, before we do that, can we all give a round of applause for Mathur, please? The actor has been around the film industry scene for a while now but he never fails to surprise us with his acting skills. He’s truly one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood and Made In Heaven is proof – Mathur’s portrayal of a homosexual man whose life turns topsy-turvy due to a voyeuristic landlord is par excellence. He does the emotional scenes with elan and looks dishy to boot while he’s at it.

In the show, Mathur hooks up with a bunch of hot dudes and he does it so damn well – the sex scenes in the show are super realistic and hot af. Below, we compile Mathur’s date list and we really can’t say who’s the lucky one here – Mathur or his dates.

Anhad Singh

That dude who got married to a woman but hooked up with Mathur once (or was it twice?).

Alejandro Muñoz

That dude who Mathur made out with inside a car and then took home. This is the time when the story turns dark – this brings the police brutality to fore.

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Vikrant Massey


His pehla pwaar, Nawab. Ugh, we got goosebumps during their scene. When Mathur’s character says that Nawab is the only person he’s loved, you could hear hearts breaking all around the country.

Shalva Kinjawadekar

Okay, so obviously he didn’t hook up with Mathur but he did hook up with Mathur’s younger version during that bathroom scene. This was an important scene as well because this is when Karan Mehra’s mother finds out that her son is gay and beats the hell out of them.

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