Here's Some Erotica To Spice Up Your Sex Life
Here’s Some Erotica To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Use these books for some inspiration to get down and dirty. Trust us, they are outrageously hot.


If you’re bored of using Fifty Shades Of Grey as your night time guide, here are five new options to spice up your sex life. 


Bad Behaviour, Mary Gaitskill


Nine powerful stories of longing and desire, depicting the darker side of humanity with a particular focus on the disenchanted fringe that is struggling for a connect somewhere. The stories revolve around sex work, sadomasochism, substance abuse and the like, with most critics calling it a style that is terrifying and ferocious, at the same time. If you’ve seen The Secretary, you’d probably know what we’re talking about. For those who haven’t, the story depicts a sadist-masochist relationship between a lawyer and his secretary who is punished (as a form of titillation) for simple typing errors. Also, Fifty Shades of Grey is probably inspired by it, according to most critics.


Sex Love Repeat, Alessandra Torre


This is a story about an arrangement where a woman with an unusually high sexual appetite is in a relationship with two men and both know about each other. Well if you think this is strange, then wait for more. The three seem to have company because there is a woman watching/stalking them all.  Well, if polyamory is your thing, then what are you waiting for?


Les Liasons Dangereuses Pierre, Choderlos De Laclos


A web of lust, seduction, jealousy, deception and revenge in the French Aristocracy, this is a shocking tale that follows the schemes of Marquis du Merteuil against her ex-lover, the Vicomte de Valmont. This sexy and seductive novel was originally published in the 1780s, turning it into one of the classics of erotica.


Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller


The joy of skimming through the pages of banned books is definitely one of the highs every bibliophile may have experienced in his/her lifetime. This book was banned by the US censorship laws once upon a time and gained notoriety due to the same. This is a first person’s account of Miller’s time in Paris in the late 1920s. This classical work is definitely worth reading because the way Miller has described his sexual encounters is pretty explicit and definitely closer to real life than other erotic novels.


The Sexual Life of Catherine M, Catherine Millet



Another explicit description of a real life account, this erotic memoir has been translated from the French, describing Millers exploits and hedonism. This book is rightly known as “the most explicit book about sex ever written by a woman” and this description itself should compel you to buy it. Need we say more?

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