Here's Everything You Can Expect From The Upcoming Android Q Update
Here’s Everything You Can Expect From The Upcoming Android Q Update

The update opens a lot more room for user customization

Google finally released the developer beta version of the new Android Q. There aren’t many major changes that have taken place, but more like little tweaks to the current features to make it more user-friendly. 


Android Q is the next software update for Android users who have been using the Pie operating system. 


Before downloading the beta, it’s important to know that this is only a developer beta. So you should only be downloading this if you know what you’re doing.


Here are all the features that have been been tweaked out in the new Android Q update:



  • Fonts & Icons – With the new Q update, Google will now allow you a lot more customization in terms of font. Google users have always complained about the lack of customization options when it comes to fonts, so this will definitely help solve that. It is still unclear if it is now easier to install third party fonts, but for now, Google-approved fonts are all we get. 


    Icons are now also much more susceptible to customization.


    It’s very clear that Google is trying to limit the amount of customization that can be done by third party apps.

  • Emergency Button – Something like an emergency button needs to  be extremely accessible and Google has tried to do that, by now allowing you to access it just by long-pressing the power button.

  • Screenshot For Pixel 3’s – For all you Pixel 3 users out there, this isn’t something you’d like. On Pixel phones, when you take a screenshot, your image will have a notch cutout in the middle. It shouldn’t be problem when you’re viewing these screenshots on your own Pixel 3 phones, but if you send it to someone who doesn’t use a Pixel 3, they will receive the image with a big black blob at the top.


    There is a solution to this though. Pixel 3 users will have to enable the notch-less mode and then take screenshots if they want to get rid of that ugly black blob.

  • Battery Indicator – A cool little addition to the notification bar is the new battery indicator. From now on, you can view exactly how much time will it take for your battery to drain out completely. Google will show you the exact time at which the phone will shut down, based on your usage, so you get a better idea of when you need to really start looking for your charger or power bank. 

  • Privacy – Google has spent a lot of time and energy towards improving the users privacy with this new update. Location and privacy are now broken down into their own settings menu items. This is the biggest change Google has made related to security and privacy. Just like in iOS, you can now allow apps to only access your location when it is being used, instead of letting it track where you are all the time. This feature will also let you save up on a lot of your battery juice. 




Google is also trying to make the Android Q software easily compatible with all of the new foldable phones that have been launched. This is uncharted territory for the company, so we can expect a few hiccups to turn up.

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