Here's Why Dhoni And Virat Kohli Love Their New Jerseys
Here’s Why Dhoni And Virat Kohli Love Their New Jerseys

Both the cricketers had a lot to say about their new threads

If you didn’t know by now, India will be in an all-new avatar this World Cup cricketing season thanks to their new blue jerseys. 


Created by Nike, the new jerseys feel much mire lighter and look a lot more sleek, according to the Indian skippers. 

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Virat Kohli spoke to and said, “We wanted it to be sleek, obviously.” He added, “It has to look a certain way when you are playing international cricket. An athlete has to look a certain way in their playing kits and jerseys.. so the designing bit was more to do with that but I think in terms of practicality and fit and feel of the jersey, we wanted it to be really light which the fabric is. It feels great on the skin, it’s breathable and it feels light, much lighter compared to the last one. And it’s much more comfortable on the body as well. The last one was snug in places but this one is perfect to move around in and it’s much more stretchable than the last one.”


But for veteran cricketer and former captain-cool, MS Dhoni, the jerseys were more about comfort. The 37-year-old said, “As of now wearing it, makes you feel so comfortable, it makes you feel like you literally are not wearing anything.. it does not wear you down. I am just hoping it stays like that on the field. How they have put on the two-tone colour and it’s a futuristic design. I have been told it has been designed keeping in mind the future. I was just joking that coming from a 38-year-old, it sounds funny but I like the design.. It’s slightly different to what we are used to .. This has a dual tone.. it looks very different to what we have seen.”

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