Happy Birthday Shaan, You Were My Favourite Singer Growing Up
Happy Birthday Shaan, You Were My Favourite Singer Growing Up

My favourite song of yours is a little less well-known, it’s Naa Kehna Nahi Aata. 

Dear Shaan, 


Happy Birthday. 

I have to admit, I am a little sad that you aren’t singing as many songs anymore. I still remember listening to Suno Na and thinking about that girl in school I was crushing on. Such simple lyrics, but Shaan would sing it with so much conviction. 

There’s a line in the song which says that my lover, you are not far even though you are far. My lover, you are near, but why are you not near me? 

This is utter nonsense, but growing up it made a lot of sense, mostly because a voice as silken as yours couldn’t say anything wrong. 

Then, there was Tanha Dil, an anthem for those of us who felt lonely, but hopeful that love was just around the corner. And then, for the heartbroken, there was Bhool Ja which was as therapeutic as chicken soup when you’re feverish. Thank you, Shaan for these two songs. Seriously, thank you. 

But, my favourite song is something else. A little less well-known, it’s Naa Kehna Nahi Aata. 

The lyrics go, 

Kya karoon ki mujhe naa kehna nahi aata,

Kisi ka dil bhi dukha na jaata,

Koi kahe please, aur maange cold cheese,

toh usse main naa na paata. 

I liked that song because no song described my personality better. I can never say no. Even to people who’ve treated me unfairly, I can’t say no. Even to people who will treat my subservient nature as my weakness, not my virtue, I can’t say no. And yes, like Shaan says, I might look a little innocent, but I understand everything that is going on. 


Also, you say that if you could listen to your heart, and do whatever you wanted, you wouldn’t have sung this song. We’re assuming it’s a semi-autobiographical song, at least something that was true for you, before you became a celebrity. 

Another favourite song of mine is Jab Se Tere Naina. It’s a hopelessly romantic song, picturized wonderfully on Ranbir Kapoor. Probably, it’s your best performance yet. 

Keep giving us good music again, Shaan. Don’t stop. 



Your Fan 

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