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Hairstyles : (on top) Brad Pitt (High-and-Tight); (below left to right) David Beckham (Mainstream Hipster); Ryan Gosling (Flow and Comb); and Jake Gyllenhall (The Mountain Man)



What are the trendiest haircuts of the season for men?


High-and-Tight has made a strong comeback. This is trendy, but still masculine enough. Keep the sides as short as possible, and fade hair shorter into the nape of  the  neck and sideburns. The Mainstream Hipster suits men of all ages. Leave at least three inches on top to build up the pomp. You can keep a short-medium side length. To maintain: blow-drying the top straight back helps build body. The Flow and Comb works for any professional; adding length here is key. Do it if your hair is straight, and fine to thick. Get a classic square cut, but longer on both sides and the front. The Mountain Man adds more texture to the square cut. Let your beard grow. Later trim to keep it from looking too bushy.


– Krishna Gupta, Managing Director, Lloyds Luxuries LTD



How can I prevent hair loss?


Your hair is an expression of your youth, your style, your self-image and confidence. Everyone desires luscious, rich hair. But the truth is that almost 70 per cent of men have some degree of hair loss. While the tendency for male pattern hair loss is hereditary, there are many aggravating factors like dandruff, nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle.


There are various things you can do to prevent it. Feed your hair right – take four almonds and three walnuts daily. Add colourto your diet with fruits and veggies like pomegranates, berries, tomatoes and green vegetables. Improve the protein intake with the help of paneer, soya, grilled fish and chana.


Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates (like maida, rice and sugar), saturated fats (like in fried food items and butter) and processed foods (like aerated soft drinks, ketchups and canned foods).  Go for hair nutrient supplements containing biotin, amino acids and minerals.


Treat dandruff at the earliest and take preventive anti-dandruff shampoos regularly. Leave them for 5-10 minutes on your scalp for best results. Opt for scalp rejuvenating treatments – they go a long way in keeping your hair roots healthy and strong.


If you have genetic tendency or have already started noticing early signs of hair loss then go for healthy hair promoting treatments. Timely treatments can revive and re-grow your natural hair. These treatments stimulate hair growth factors and also keep your hair healthy for long.


– Dr. Snehal Sriram, Medical Director & Consultant Dermatologist, Trica Hair Clinic

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