Gucci's Men's Tailoring Campaign Ft. Harry Styles Is As British As It Gets
Gucci’s Men’s Tailoring Campaign Ft. Harry Styles Is As British As It Gets

Gucci visits a Great British institution for the setting of its new advertising campaign for men’s tailoring: the fish and chip shop

Superstar musician and heartthrob Harry Styles is as English as fish and chips. Perhaps, that’s why, it is this setting that Gucci introduces the young Englishman into in their Men’s tailoring Campaign for Autumn/Winter 2018-19.


A singer, songwriter and actor, Styles is pictured in a variety of Gucci tailored outfits, including two suits with waistcoats (one a wool mohair white-red-black mini pied de poule worn with a green check blanket and the other an ink-grey bee check), a splash-dark beige macro gingham sharkskin dressing gown, worn as a coat, a decorative dark wool mohair jacket with embroidered collar detail, and a white-oatmeal hued macro bird’s eye wool suit with MLB NY Yankees patches. The styling is contemporary, with the tailoring combined with formal shirts and ties, buttoned-up casual shirts, and moccasins, sandals and sneakers.

Check out the pictures below:

Styles brings a pet chicken and dog into the chippy with him. He orders his food and then shares it with the animals, in a narrative sequence that echoes many famous photographs and scenes from British films.

The campaign breaks in June across all media. 


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