Mercedes has the Porsche 911 square in its sight with the AMG GT

We remember driving the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and the shrill howl of that shattering V8 engine is still ringing in our ears. It was an ultra-exclusive hypercar, and only the really well-heeled could stand in line for one. That car is now history, but its bloodline is to be continued in the form of this – the new AMG GT.


The GT goes up against the Jaguar F-Type and, most importantly, the Porsche 911 – thus far, the default sports car choice for those looking for precision driving thrills. It’ll come in two versions – the ‘regular’ GT gets a 4-litre bi-turbo V8 engine, making 455 bhp, while the GT S produces 496 bhp from the same engine. In either car, you can smash through the 300 kph barrier with ease, and 100 kph will be demolished in under 4 seconds.


No gullwing doors on this car, sadly – the iconic design feature has been binned due to weight-saving efforts. Still, the GT isn’t half gorgeous, combining the SLS’s luscious shape with its own unique design flourishes. A roadster will also be introduced, for those top-down motoring days, and the best part is that the AMG GT will be made available in India. We can’t wait to drive it, as you can imagine.

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