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Is daily shaving good for men?


This is a debatable topic. There are many pros as well as cons. However as a practicing dermatologist I definitely believe that shaving daily is beneficial for men and offers many advantages. Shaving is very important for self-grooming especially in the corporate world. It defines a sense of cleanliness and pleasantness. Shaving avoids many problems that could arise from the hair and the excess sebum in the beard area like folliculitis, breakouts, acne, itching, infections, etc. Since the excess oils and dead skin are removed daily, it avoids such problems. It keeps the skin soft and supple. The exfoliation of the top layer of the skin coupled with the right products used for shaving enhances the skin. It refreshes and nourishes the skin. For those with sparse hair on beard where the beard hair are less or unequal on both sides of the face, shaving is a good option. And regular shaving also helps prevent infections and oil build-up on skin. It also boosts skin immunity and avoids problems like scars and keloid.


However, how to shave, which way to shave, what products to use while shaving depends on the skin type and the hair type and density. Avoid using products containing alcohol which sting or burn after applying as they can make the skin sensitive as well as cause razor burnout rash. Whether to do reverse shave or not is a personal decision, but one important factor is to shave after mild exfoliation and hydrating the hair and skin. Hence shaving after shower is ideal.


– Dr Apratim Goel



What is that one essential thing about skin that men overlook?


One most essential thing that is missing in men’s skincare routine is `exfoliation’. Due to slow cell turnover, thickened skin, exposure to dust, sunlight and various pollutants, a man’s skin always looks dull, tired and lifeless. The accumulated layers of dead skin cells do not allow the light to reflect from the skin surface adding to the dullness of skin. Exfoliation when done with any medium, helps take off the heaped dead skin layer to reveal a healthier, fresher and brighter skin. It is an important technique to have a glowing skin. It is also one of the main focus in a home care regime. Exfoliation of the skin can be done via various means such as a simple rub using a Turkish towel or using granular OTC scrubs or maybe kitchen ingredients such as fine sugar granules or milk powder. More advanced method of exfoliation involves treatments such as microdermabrasion, mild AHA peels or advanced deeper skin exfoliating peels. I firmly believe that whatever is the medium (as per skin requirement), exfoliation is the secret to a youthful skin.


– Dr Jamuna Pai



How do I prevent a razor burn?


Used razors get dull and grow bacteria which are one of the root causes to worsen your razor burn. You should always use new razors to shave after every two weeks or after every four-five uses.


You should always rinse your blades properly as the hair buildup and other products build up on the blades of the razor makes you stroke down the face with much more pressure than usual thus making it more likely to irritate or cut the skin. So cleaning your razor thoroughly will help you avoid these problems which cause skin burn.


It is very important to shave in the right direction with small strokes because shaving against the hair would increase the chances of ingrown hair, irritation, and inflamed skin. Also, long strokes often causes one to press very hard on the skin, so it is better to shave in the right direction with the grains of hair with small strokes.


Prefer shaving at night before going to bed because throughout the day you sweat and come in contact with bacteria and toxins. Shaving at night reduces the chances of you getting dirty. So, always prefer shaving at night.


After every shave, splash your skin with cold water. This will not only close your skin pores but will also constrict your skin, helping the skin to close any small cuts or ingrown hairs.


– Krishna Gupta



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