God Of War Ragnarok New Trailer Dropped At Sony’s State Of Play Event
‘God Of War’ Brings Forth Ragnarok In Its New Trailer

BOY, are we ready?

BOY, do we have some good news for you! Ahead of its release in November, Sony has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming video game, God Of War Ragnarok. Showcased during Sony’s State of Play event, the 3-minute-long trailer sees everyone’s favorite father-son duo traveling different realms of Norse mythology.   


The trailer which focuses more on the story elements, compared to gameplay features, shows a beginning of a conflict between Kratos and Atreus, as they seem to kill everything in their path and commence Ragnarok.   

We also see both old and new characters making an appearance, like Faye who now has a hatchet to bury with Kratos. We also see the introduction of Týr, who appears to have some questions about Kratos’ parenting technique. All of this comes to a climactic conclusion, with Kratos going up against Thor, the God of Thunder. Also, was that Odin at Kratos’ door?  

What’s more notable though is the gameplay appears to be slightly tweaked, to offer better flowing combat, a grappling mechanism of sorts, and more. And yes, the upcoming sequel will also be available on the PlayStation 4, along with the PlayStation 5.   

There’s plenty of time before Ragnarok ends the world, with the sequel coming out on November 9. Until then, here’s how the internet has reacted to it so far.   

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