How To Get Denims Right
How To Get Denims Right

Where to buy pricey pair of bespoke denims? How to sport your favourite pair at work? All questions answered here

Contemplating a pricey pair of bespoke denims, or wondering how to sport your favourite pair at work? We answer these questions – and more


What is the right length for men’s jeans?


 To put it simply, your pair of jeans should break just above your shoes. This means that they are long enough to cover your socks, but not so much that they hide your shoes. This is a flattering length that gives a neat finish without drawing too much attention to your outfit, making it an ideal selection. However, modern trends are more accommodating of shorter lengths and even folding of jeans. In the case of the latter, there is no single correct way to do so. You can opt for a single roll – turning up the hem by an inch in one single fold – or a double cuff, with two folds of an inch each, depending on the length of your jeans.


Is going the bespoke way for a pair of jeans really worth all the money I’ll spend on it?


If functionality and something fuss-free are all you are looking for, it may not be worth splashing the cash. But if you’re particular – not as much about fabric as you are about the minor details – bespoke is the way to go. There’s great joy in figuring out the smallest of details for your jeans, starting from the exact shade of wash and fade on the leg, to the buttons, rivets, pocket placement and size. This, of course, is in addition to the fact that your personalised pair of jeans will fit like a second skin.


Is there such a thing as the perfect pair of jeans?


Of course – just that what’s perfect for you may not be perfect for someone else. No matter how trendy a pair of jeans may be, if it does not flatter your body type, buying it may be the biggest sartorial mistake you can make. You might hate shopping, but it’s really worth your time to go into a store and try on multiple pairs to figure out what works for you – you might want to size up by an inch for your jeans or opt for a slimmer fit than you do with your chinos. Once you’ve found your ideal fit, making it your signature might not be a bad idea. Change things up by stocking up on pairs in different colours or washes, or with various degrees of rips and shreds, if you’re into that sort of thing.


What are the different pairs of jeans every man must own?


 If there’s just one pair you must own, make it a slim fit one in a dark hue – it is the most versatile, and also your best bet if the option of wearing it to work or on a night out is presented. The second pair to invest in is its casual cousin – looser, lighter in hue and with a bit of scope to stretch.


How can I wear my jeans to work without looking too casual?


Make sure it’s an impeccably fitted pair with a clean wash, and no rips, distressing, patches and the like. Linen shirts are an appropriate combination for the summer, while Mandarin collar shirts in checks or stripes are smart options as well. Throw on a slim fit blazer for a meeting or post-work drinks. Your footwear is important as well. Boots or a nice pair of brogues are your best bet.

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