The Game Of Thrones Reddit Leaks Are Coming True And We Know The Rest Of The Season Too
The Game Of Thrones Reddit Leaks Are Coming True And We Know The Rest Of The Season Too

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Here’s what’s going to happen in the next episodes this season

Our favourite magic and titties show has reached a point where the lifespan of every plot is approaching conclusion. The third episode of the ongoing seventh season of Game of Thrones Monday comprised rushed wars and deaths of major characters, again proving many fan theories correct, including the massive script leaks that happened on Reddit last year.


(Okay, so we’re now going to talk about really major spoilers; potentially, the entire of the season’s remainder. We don’t know about the authenticity of these leaks, but please close this page if you’re pretty anal about them. Here’s some other good reading instead.

But if you’re still here, let’s get started.)

The Reddit plot leak in question claimed to reveal basically everything that was going to happen during Season 7; and while many of us discarded it as just another piece of fan fiction, much of it is already coming true.


Let’s look at the most major events from the ongoing season in order to understand the assertions of the leak. First and foremost, Jon Snow and Daenarys Targaryan were touted to be united in the third episode, which happened as is. She wants him to bend the knee, which he refuses, but with Tyrion’s help, Dany agrees to help him in his fight against the Whitewalkers in exchange of fealty.

THE LEAK HAD CLAIMED THIS BACK IN OCTOBER! And this is precisely why we’ve started to somewhat trust the credibility of its contents.

It further states that the two will gradually grow to like each other before having sex at the end of episode seven. And the way things have transpired till now, we really won’t be surprised.

Moreover, the Stark kids will finally reunite, the script said. With Bran already at Castle Black and Arya on her way, the possibility is set to come true most probably by episode 4. But the major event that’s supposed to happen in this part of Westeros would be the realisation that Littlefinger is playing the sisters against each other and his execution at the hands of Arya on Sansa’s orders.


In a first, Sansa has openly talked back at Baelish twice in the course of the new season so far and there’s little reason to believe that the bigger war will finally trump Baelish’s more humanly ambitions.

All the more reasons to believe the leak on this are its mentions of the remaining Frey sons dying at the hands of Arya and her brief encounter with Nymeria. Decide for yourself now.

Do you think you’ve read enough already? We’re just getting started!

The other prophecies that have come true so far in the season have been Dany reaching Dragonstone in E01, Varys making it clear that he doesn’t want the throne, Euron attacking Yara’s fleet and taking her and the Dornish as captive, Jon not wanting people to know about his resurrection, the Lannisters taking on Tyrell armies pretty easily, Jamie proving to be a great commander and Olenna testifying to Joffrey’s murder.


And if things continue like this, we are likely to see Ser Jorah reunite with Dany, who will next attack the Lannister armies and execute the Tarlys while Theon will arrive at Dragonstone to be confronted by Jon (some videos have already confirmed that). Tyrion and Ser Davos, during their visit to King’s Landing, will encounter Gendry, the last living Baratheon.

Soon, Jon would be asked to prove the existence of the Undead and he marches past the wall in the company of the Hound, Beric, Thoros of Myr and Tormund to capture one. They succeed, with the heroic help of Dany and her dragons, but Beric and Viserion die in the process. Uncle Benjen also has a role to play in this battle.

Viserion will be raised from the dead by the Night’s King and reborn as his mount. While consoling her for the lost of her son (Viserion), Jon will end up having sex with Dany.

Breather! It’s only logical that the army of the Undead would require a powerful dragon to bring down the wall, in all probability by the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Sam will be back in Castle Black and with the help of Bran will discover Jon’s true lineage and his birth name — Aegon, just like his half brother. The King in the North though won’t be informed of it this season however there could be flashes from Rhaegar’s wedding to Lyanna Stark.

In the end, Jon, Dany & co will get the Wight to KL, where all other rulers will collectively lose their shit. A pregnant Cersie will agree to unite armies against the Undead but will betray at the eleventh hour. But Jamie finally opposes her disloyalty and makes his way up north, where the wall has been (or is being) brought down.

Other inconsequential events could include Meera Reed heading back home and Alys Karstark’s ‘Northern Girl’ appearance. Phew!

It isn’t the best exercise to force down such an enormous amount of spoilers down your throat but like us, we’re sure that you’re so consumed with the show by now that you’d watch the last season even if it’s entirely about Hodor’s ghost talking to the children of the forest.

We’re definitely looking forward to the next episode despite knowing almost everything in the episodes to come. And we’re sure so are you. Valar Morghulis!

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