Game Of Thrones Spin-Off Fans Would Like To See After House Of The Dragon
Top 5 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spin-Offs We Want To See After ‘House Of The Dragon’

As expected, there’s a whole of incest and civil war! 

HBO’s new prequel series, House of the Dragon finally seems to be helping fans forget the bitter taste left by the Game of Thrones finale. With every episode of the new show upping the ante, both new and old fans want more tales from the world of Ice and Fire. And while HBO is reportedly developing new projects in the same universe, like the Jon Snow sequel, we have made our list of stories we’d like to see get adapted for the small screen.  


1) Aegon’s Conquest 


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The backbone of all the events which transpire in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, fans have been asking for an adaption of Aegon’s conquest for years now. Set 100 years before House of the Dragon, it follows the journey of Aegon I Targaryen and his two sister wives as they start a military campaign to conquer the seven kingdoms. Of course, being a Game of Thrones show there’s an ample amount of political backstabbing, incest, and dragons involved as well.  


2) Robert’s Rebellion 


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Civil wars are as common as incest in the world of Ice and Fire, you’ll realize that at the end of this list. The latest one in the current timeline is called Robert’s Rebellion. As the name suggests, Robert Baratheon of the House Baratheon rebelled against the mad king Aerys, after his son Rhaegar “kidnapped” Robert’s betrothed, Leanna Stark. Set sixteen years before the first season of Game of Thrones, the series will cover the downfall of House Targaryen and set in motion the event which we come to see in GoT.  


3) The Blackfyre Rebellion  


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If you thought things couldn’t get messier than Dance of the Dragon, think again. Sometime between House of Dragon and Game of Thrones’ timeline, a new civil war (we warned you) was fought, when King Aegon IV legitimized his bastard sons. This led to the oldest of them, Daemon Blackfyre rebelling against the supposed heir and his half-brother, Daeron II Targaryen. Unfortunately, the rebellion failed and Daemon was killed in the Battle of the Redgrass Field. However, this led to the foundation of the Golden Company in Essos and introduced us to Brynden Rivers, who is supposed to be the three-eyed Raven Bran meets beyond the wall.   


4) Nymeria’s 10,000 Ships  


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George R. R. Martin knows a thing or two about writing strong female characters. But before there was Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark, there was Nymeria of Rhoynar who sailed to Westeros with 10,000 ships. After landing on the shores of Dorne, she married a member of House Martell and united Dorne under one banner. Her exploits can be heard being described in both House of Dragon and Game of Thrones, with Arya naming her direwolf after the warrior princess.   


5) Age Of Heroes  


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If you’ve been impressed by Rings of Power, wait till you see GOT’s version of Sauron and Aragon going against each other. Let’s dial back the clock by a couple of thousand years, before Targaryen, before Aegon the conquer was even born. The legends tell a story of a night that spawned for hundred years, barrelling creatures, from the land of always winter. The event known as the Age of Heros, trades in the political scheming for more supernatural elements, introducing a hero named Azor Ahai who defeated the others with his flaming sword. This is also the time when Brandon the Builder might’ve lived, who founded House Stark and built the 700-ft long wall with the help of the Children of Forest. Come on, who wouldn’t want to see all of this put to the screen? 

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