Formula 1 To Borrow VAR Technology From Football
2022 Season Of Formula One To Use VAR-like Technology

With new race directors, VAR-like technology and limited radio contact, the 2022 Formula One season is sure to be an exciting one

Who doesn’t remember the nail-biting finale of the 2021 Formula 1 season last year? While the duel between Hamilton and Verstappen had us hanging by the edge of our seats, the controversial conclusion has led to a massive overhaul within the FIA. 


To make sure we don’t get the repeat of last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, FIA is implementing an implementing a “Virtual Race Control Room,” which will work in a similar way to Video Assistance Referee (VAR), used in football. 




F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali commented on the decision saying, “Like the Video Assistance Referee, VAR, in football, it will be positioned in one of the FIA offices as a backup outside the circuit.


“In real-time connection with the FIA F1 race director, it will help to apply the sporting regulations using the most modern technological tools. “Secondly, direct radio communications during the race, currently broadcast live by all TVs, will be removed in order to protect the race director from any pressure and allow him to take decisions peacefully.


“It will still be possible to ask questions to the race director, according to a well-defined and non-intrusive process.


“Thirdly, unlapping procedures behind safety car will be reassessed by the F1 Sporting Advisory Committee and presented to the next F1 Commission prior to the start of the season.”


Domenicali also added that the race director will be cut off from direct radio communications to reduce pressure. Teams will still be able to ask questions, but it’ll now be done under a stricter protocol. 



After the Hamilton and Verstappen fiasco, the FIA also confirmed that the conditions which will allow the unlapping procedure under safety cars will be reviewed.


Speaking of which, the governing body of F1 has made big management changes to its organization. For starters, Michael Masi was unceremoniously sacked as the Formula One race director.


To paper over the cracks, Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas will now share the joint responsibilities of the role. They will alternate as race director, backed by Charlie Whiting’s deputy Herbie Blash.

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