Formula 1 2022 Championship Helmets: Here's Our Top Picks
Formula 1 2022 Championship Helmets: Our Top 10 Picks

From quirky to quintessential, each unique design tells a lot about the driver’s mind. Here’s our top 10 helmets for the upcoming Formula 1 2022 Championship!

With testing done and the 10 teams looking forward to the upcoming Bahrain GP, Formula 1 season is right around the corner.


We’ve already done a comprehensive roundup on the best liveries on offer this season, but livery rankings don’t quite allow us to showcase the colorful personalities on the Formula 1 grid. So that’s where the helmet lists come in. We’d also like to confirm that while champ Max’s helmet looks nice, it’s a bit too ostentatious. 

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Gold, white, and #1? It’s a bit much, and leaves space for more unique and exciting buckets on the grid.


From quirky to quintessential, each unique design tells a lot about the driver’s mind within – here’s our top ten picks for the upcoming Formula 1 2022 Championship!

10. Valtteri Bottas

Designed yet again by Bottas’ girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell, the driver’s latest entry is a slick if understated design. Several fans noted the similarities to Kimi Raikkonen’s 2018 helmet as well.

9. Mick Schumacher

Schumacher’s helmet is a bit busy, no doubt about that. On his second season with Haas, the 22-year-old decided to pay homage to his legendary father using his helmet design, opting for a black-teal chinese dragon, in the style of Michael Schumacher’s timeless motif.

8. Fernando Alonso

Several fans breathed a sigh of relief as Alonso ditched the BWT pink in favor of his traditional yellow-blue-red ensemble. If only they could place the BELL Helmets logo somewhere less conspicuous…

7. Lewis Hamilton

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? While Hammy loses points on originality for sticking to 2021’s black-and-purple colors, perhaps there’s something to be said for him re-choosing a helmet that proudly signals his previous title wins. Will he finally add another star to the list this year?

6. Alex Albon

This is a top-tier helmet. Beautiful shade of navy, clear and distinct composition, and Albon’s unique Thai flag detailing. Can’t really spot many flaws with this one.

5. Yuki Tsunoda

Tsunoda’s helmet is another great case of color choices: the yellow and orange patterns slowly shift between each other from the front to back, and the numbering embossed with the Japanese flag? Absolute class.

4. Daniel Riccardo

As the grid’s ‘nicest guy’, it isn’t surprising that Riccardo’s helmet continues breaking the mold with amusing, quirky designs. While this year’s color combinations might throw some fans off, its chunky, playful text makes it stand out much more from the grid’s more ‘serious’ options on offer.

3. Lance Stroll

Stroll’s helmet this year plays freely with both Aston Martin’s race colors and alternating textures along the sides, giving a patterned metallic-matt finish. The result is a striking, elegant helmet with excellent color choices, something any driver would be proud to own. Extra points for changing the red Maple leaf to silver – that’s an improvement over 2021 for sure.

2. Charles Leclerc

Sure, driving for Ferrari automatically grants you a few extra points in the style department, but this year, Leclerc’s headgear is simply fantastic. Matt red, white accents, and a slick black numbering on the side, this helmet screams classic Ferrari and I’m all here for it. Leclerc also gets a thumbs up for sneakily including his home flag of Monaco, which is incorporated into the vertical strip of his helmet.

1. Sebastian Vettel

Aside from a one-off appearance in a Ukraine ‘NO WAR’ themed helmet, Vettel’s 2022 mainline option is an exercise in restraint, class, and timeless style. ‘Nuff said.

Formula 1 kicks off on March 20th, at the Bahrain International Circuit.

(Featured Image Credits: @RedBullRacing, @Max33Verstappen/Twitter)

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