Ford Cars Will Now Come With An In-Car Alexa Voice Assistant System
Ford Cars Will Now Come With An In-Car Alexa Voice Assistant System

Ford will most likely bring this service to India by 2020

Cars today have kept up with all the latest technological advances. We’ve evolved from the days of playing cassettes in a boxy audio player to now having slim touch screens with voice commands. Modern cars now have advanced infotainment systems that allow the driver to make track routes, make calls and a whole lot more. But Ford wants to take things further. 


Ford has teamed up with Amazon for the first in-car Alexa voice command assist system, reported Car and Bike. Microsoft’s Sync system has been a part of all Ford cars and will continue to do so by working in tandem with Alexa. 


According to Car and Bike‘s sources, Amazon is in the process of training Alexa to understand multiple languages including Indian dialects. This clearly indicates that Ford is planning to launch this system worldwide and not just in the US.


The In-Car Alexa assistant will provide the driver with traffic and destination information. It will also provide access to news and music, that will be streamed from Amazon Music’s huge library of songs. Passengers can also enjoy other highly personalised features like audiobooks, weather information and browsing the Internet.


Another great aspect about In-Car Alexa is its ability to be linked to your Amazon Echo device or sister Alexa at the user’s home, through the home-to-car feature. This connection will allow owners to command Alexa-controlled functions such as the house lighting, security system, etc by using voice commands. The home-to-car feature will also give electric/hybrid car owners the option to start-stop their car’s engine, lock/unlock the doors and monitor vehicle readings such as fuel level and the battery range.

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