Five Superbikes That Should Be Featured In John Abraham's New Film
Five Superbikes That Should Be Featured In John Abraham’s New Film

From Harley Davidson to Ducati

If you didn’t know, John Abraham is all set to produce and star in a film on superbikes. No, it isn’t the next Dhoom movie (although we’d love that), but it will apparently be a film with an in-depth look on the lifestyles of riders and their bikes.


We still don’t know details of what bike Abraham that will be riding, but here are five bikes that we definitely want to see him ride on screen:


Ducati Panigale V4





The Ducati Panigale is considered to be one of the greatest motorcycles of all time and this bike would make the perfect ride for someone like John Abraham.




Harley Davidson Street Glide Special





A Harley Davidson is something we rarely see John Abraham riding either on the streets os Mumbai or even in films. He seems like he would definitely look good on a cruiser with some badass music playing in the background. 




Triumph Tiger XCx 1200



Another type of bike we haven’t really seen John riding is an adv bike and it would be interesting to see him ride through a dirt track in a powerful rugged bike like Triumph’s Tiger Xcx 1200.




Kawasaki Ninja H2





Talk about beautiful and the H2 might be the first thing a rider thinks about. If the film requires a fast-paced action sequence, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 would make a perfect choice. 




Suzuki Hayabusa





Yes, we know he’s already ridden this magnificent beast but wouldn’t you want to see John Abraham ride the Hayabusa once again? 









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