The Five Best VR Headsets On The Market
The Five Best VR Headsets On The Market

Virtual Reality headsets are the next big thing in gaming


  1. HTC Vive:


The HTC Vive is simply the go-to, top-of-the-line consumer VR set. Compatible with Mac and PC systems, you will need a computer or a laptop with enough graphic processing under the hood to get the most out of the Vive. HTC’s headset has been designed to work with Valve, the firm who operates the popular online game store Steam. This supplies the Vive with a host of gaming options, which run in the Rs. 800-3,000 range. The Vive stands apart with its room-scale tacking, which lets you walk around in real life in a space 4.5mx4.5m and have it reflected in the game. Despite the price, the immersion the Vive provides is unparalleled, driven in no small part by the dramatic clarity of the 2160×1200 OLED display. Also available in a more expensive Pro version.


Starting at Rs. 69,990




  1. Oculus Rift:


Owned by Facebook, the Oculus was essentially the first product of its caliber to become widely available, making it synonymous with the VR movement. While it only works with PC, and doesn’t quite match up to the room-scale functionality of the Vive, the Oculus still remains at the forefront of VR with a premium product at a reasonable price. The game library is fantastic, with strong titles such as Resident Evil: Biohazard and Robo Recall dazzling in the 2160×1200 OLED display. The Oculus also works with an Xbox One controller, and you can stream games through your Xbox via a PC.


Starting at Rs. 48,500




  1. PlayStation VR:


Sony released their VR headset last year, bringing the technology to the home console sphere. In light of the difference of processing power between a PC and a PS4, the PlayStation VR delivers a surprisingly easy and responsive gaming experience, with a seamless refresh rate. Sony has also pushed for the development of a large library of VR games, and offered a wide range of titles at launch, which has only expanded over the last year. While you can play most games with the Dualshock controller, some games require the Move controllers, which are bought separately. The system also requires a PlayStation Camera to pick up your movements.


Starting at Rs. 31,500


Move controllers sold separately for Rs. 5,865


A studio lit, isolated shot of a Sony Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Headset, shot on white.



  1. Samsung Gear VR:


Samsung’s preeminence in the Android space includes the development of the Samsung Gear VR, which has been on the market since 2015. Unlike other Android VR applications, the Gear features titles developed for the Oculus Rift. The QHD screens have genuinely competitive quality, creating a handheld, immersive experience. The headset works with several generations of Samsung’s phones, from the S6 onward, making it easy and non-exclusive to use. The exceptional price point positions the Gear as a great entry-level VR product.


Starting at Rs. 5,300




  1. Google Daydream View:


The widely anticipated Daydream View marked tech titan Google’s most serious entry into the VR market. It doesn’t just work with the Google Pixel; it is compatible with a host of current-generation Android phones. The Daydream app serves as the game library, and it is gradually expanding to establish itself amongst the big players. While it may not feature the same depth as the Oculus Store, exclusives like Youtube VR make the Daydream View into a competitive product, especially its comparatively low price.


Starting at Rs. 6,499






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