"Be Yourself, Don’t Try And Copy Style": Samir Suhag
“Be Yourself, Don’t Try And Copy Style”: Samir Suhag

Samir Suhag, brand ambassador of Frederique Constant, on his personal style, favourite shopping destinations in India and abroad, and more.


Samir Suhag, brand ambassador of Frederique Constant, on his personal style,  favourite shopping destinations in India and abroad, and more. 




How do you define fashion? What does it mean to you?


I feel fashion is a part of your character that you wear for the world to see. I have always believed that fashion can reflect one’s personality. Fashion is also your hairstyle, the way you talk and walk.


What do you consider your personal style statement?


I am generally a jeans and T-shirt (white preferably) kind of a person, and I dress up as the occasion demands and always opt for soothing colours.


What was your last purchase?


A sports jacket.


Do you prefer tailored or off the rack? Where do you get your clothes tailored, and what brands do you favour when shopping?


I prefer getting my suits tailored. I don’t really favour any brands, but there are a few which I feel fit better.


Are you into designer wear? Which designers are your favourites?


I’m not too much into designer wear, but I have some great designer friends whose clothes I do like and have the privilege of wearing. JJ Valaya and Ashish Soni are undoubtedly among my favourites.


What do you think of men’s jewellery? Do you wear any?


A man can definitely wear jewellery if he can carry it off well. I have a gold ring given to me by my father, and I do wear it.


What about watches? Are you a fan of them?


I love wearing watches and have been a great fan ever since I remember. Without a doubt, the Slim Line Moon Phase by Frederique Constant is my all-time favourite.


How would you describe the perfect suit?


The colour and the style should enhance your personality and not take it away from you.


Do you have any fetishes, such as shoes, watches or socks?


I don’t have any fetishes, but I do have a decent collection of watches.


What are the casual and formal items every man must own?


Denims, V-neck T shirts and a 3-piece suit.


How do you like to change things up for weddings and formal events?


Being a lover of jeans and T-shirts, I do like to dress up very formally at such events. From kurta pyjamas to bandhgalas or a 3-piece suit, I love to wear them all.


What is your favourite shopping destination in India and abroad?


I don’t really have a favourite destination. I pick up stuff from wherever I like.


What is one piece of style advice you would give all men?


Be yourself, don’t try and copy style.


What goes into maintaining your hair and beard?


Maintaining my hair is not easy when I have to keep my helmet on during a polo match. With a lot of sweating and dirt around the horses, all I do is try and keep it clean and put oil in it once in a while.


Do you see a connection between sports and fashion?


Fashion and sports go hand in hand now. Earlier it used to be only in the clothes you wore after the polo games, but the game jerseys are also becoming very stylish.

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