Fashion Special: Pajama Party
Fashion Special: Pajama Party

Men are bringing the lounge set out of the bedroom and on to the streets. Stylists and designers help us with tips for sporting the look this summer, minus the faux pas

Be it Givenchy, Armani, or our very own Dhruv Kapoor’s show at Milan Fashion Week, design houses are making lounge sets outside your bedroom a norm. The pandemic seems to have made us a bit lax, and what was earlier probably something you would only see on DJ Khaled in his music videos, is now also being sold on the streets of Bandra in Mumbai, and even at the stalls in Goa.  


Eka Lakhani, stylist to Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar, says that not only PJs, but co-ord sets too have been trending since the pandemic. And 2023 trend forecasts predict that we will continue seeing them this year and the next. “They are comfortable, and also, super chic to wear on various occasions — as travel wear, loungewear, or for a house party. We styled Ranveer in many — from Valentino to Dhruv Kapoor — during the promotions for Jayeshbhai Jordaar. Accessorise it well and you can turn PJs into a style statement. Wear them with socks and slides, plain slides or classic shoes, and finish with eyewear and jewellery,” suggests Lakhani, who is often seen in lounge co-ords by Kanika Goyal herself. 



Harmann Kaur, stylist to stars, including Allu Arjun and Vijay Deverakonda, seconds Lakhani when she says that this look has been gaining momentum as it offers a comfortable and relaxed style, which is perfect for the summer season. “Not just pajamas; you can pair the pajama top with a casual pair of jeans, chinos, or shorts. Or PJ bottoms with a T-shirt or a button-down shirt for a more casual look,” she offers.  


Nimish Shah, creative director of Bhaane, feels that the trend is an extension of our obsession with athleisure, where wearing performance gear and gym clothes outside is considered cool, adding that it represents how seamless our lives have become, such that dressing up is no longer an occasion — a statement can be made even in a co-ord set today. “It’s about lounging and not taking yourself seriously. If you have to choreograph this look, don’t bother, it will look like you are trying too hard because PJs are on the far end of the spectrum of styling and personal presentation. Wearing a pinstripe night shirt with denim and a jacket is a matter of experimentation rather than following the trend. But if it comes to building a great pajama wardrobe, just because influencers are wearing them, then that is anti-fashion,” he opines, labelling the behaviour ‘bougie.’ “If you are bougie, you are not following the trend; it is a catch-22 situation with the PJ trend,” he explains, suggesting that it should be viewed as a lifestyle, instead of a trend.  



As per Shah, it’s probably a better idea to sport the PJ for a coffee run, before landing up in it for a friend’s 30th birthday party. Then, pump it to a brunch and build up slowly, which can help with feeling out of place, or as though you are not able pull the look off. “Let people around you get used to it, only then you will own it. Have fun with it, rather than forcefully projecting that you only wear Versace silk pajamas outside. There is a lot more sentimental value to street culture and fashion,” Shah points out.  


If you want to look spiffy, Kaur recommends layering the pajama top with a blazer or a denim jacket. However, when wearing pajamas as daywear, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind to avoid a faux pas. “Avoid wearing overly wrinkled pajamas, as they can make you look unkempt. Or, those with cartoon prints and slogans, as they can appear juvenile. Consider your body type when styling pajamas as daywear. If you are slim, opt for pajamas that fit closely to your body, and avoid oversized styles. For broader body types, choose PJs with a looser fit,” she suggests. Shah, on the other hand, feels that shoes can complete any look. So, wear the right kind of footwear, sneakers or not, to add finesse. “Just remember to keep it clean and tailored,” she cautions. 




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