Farhan Akhtar Confirms That He's Getting Married To Shibani Dandekar
Farhan Akhtar Confirms That He’s Getting Married To Shibani Dandekar

According to reports, the wedding is set to take place in April or May

Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar are probably the most socially active couple when it comes to PDA. This, naturally opens a floodgate for media agencies and other people to make up rumours and raise speculations about the two tying the knot. Well, Farhan himself has taken matters into his own hands by revealing it himself, that he and Shibani will be getting married this year. 


On a recent episode of Tape Cast Season 2 with Bhumi Pednekar, the actress played a cassette for him which has Shibani’s voice recorded on it. Shibani had a question for Farhan and she asked, “When are we getting married?” Farhan was all smiles after listening to that question and replied, “I don’t know, maybe April or May.”


In addition to revealing the wedding month, Farhan had some beautiful things to say about his to-be-wife.


“She is an amazing woman. It’s been very special, the last year… You know we’ve been getting to know each other and I couldn’t be happier about it. But with the social media world again, we are constantly being told about the things we should be doing (laughs). But ya, I have never felt so comfortable to share my personal stuff but I don’t know, I just feel like somehow with celebrating all this, it just feels very natural to me,” he said.


“I mean, obviously you don’t want to go like crazy and people are like please ‘bass kar’ but ya, it feels nice to share that because we are always living so sheltered and you are always so protected and your guards are constantly up; especially when it comes to people like your partner in your life and you don’t want people to know. I just felt like it’s rather nicer to share it with people and include them in the joy and let them feel happy, hopefully. Some might feel a bit jealous that she’s with me,” he added.


Apart from the Priyanka-Nick and Deepika-Ranveer, it looks like we’ll be treated with another big fat Indian wedding. 




(Header Credit – Instagram, @faroutakhtar, @abheetgidwani)

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