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I see lots of people wearing pocket squares these days, even when casually dressed, and I would like to start as well. Are there any specific rules to follow when wearing them? Can one wear pocket squares when not wearing a tie? Is there a specific way in which one folds a pocket square?





“A pocket square makes for a great style statement. Just like a pair of smart buttons or cufflinks, a cool pocket square completes your overall look. Not just appropriate with formal wear like a shirt, tie and dinner jacket, a pocket square looks equally great when paired with a casual blazer, open shirt and denims sans the tie. They are available in different styles and colours – from tipped, patterned and solids to plaids to polka dots in a smattering of fabrics like cotton, linen, wool blends and silks. All you need to do is pick the one that conveys your style.


“For a casual look, you can wear one that either complements your shirt, is in contrast to it or one that matches your socks or the lining of your jacket. You can also pair it with a smart solid-colouredbandi, a white/black shirt and denims for a cool yet suave look. Since the look is informal, opt for something that is not too over the top and go for a cotton pocket square rather than a silk one.


“The way you fold the pocket square depends on the occasion and the overall attire. A simple square fold is ideal for workwear and is best with cotton or linen pocket squares. The easiest and most common is the ‘puff’ fold which looks best with silk pocket squares where you hold the pocket square and pinch it from the middle and insert it into your pocket corners first, allowing the pinched middle to stand out. This is a great look for an evening out or a formal occasion.


“Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries when experimenting with your pocket square. There are no hard and fast rules. Wear it with confidence and let the selection of the colour, fabric and fold convey your personal style story.”



What is the best way to make one’s perfume or cologne last? How does one know which scent is the best for one’s personality? Which part of the body is the best to spray the perfume on? And how often in a day should one wear a perfume or cologne?





“The scent of the perfume is stimulated by warm skin. The scent of your favourite fragrance will last longer when you apply it on pulse points, as they are parts of the body that get the warmest. When you apply perfume on pulse points, your perfume will get ignited and sent to the air each time you get warm. This means you won’t have to apply it as often. This makes the back of your earlobes, wrists, throat, knee and chest the best part of the body to apply perfume on.


“Choose a perfume that has a lingering scent. Every person is different, so the perfume should suit your personality and taste. Don’t try too many scents at once as you may end up getting confused between the various fragrances you’ve just tried. For the day, try going for a mild, sweet smell. For the evening or night, a heavy fragrance is the way to go.


“As far as how often one should apply fragrance is concerned, it entirely depends on you, but definitely not every two to three hours. It is important to give it a good time gap. Applying often may destroy its actual fragrance. If your perfume bottle doesn’t have a spray nozzle, use the dabbing method. Don’t put it on your wrist and rub it, as the fragrance will fade quickly this way. Let your skin absorb it for a lasting impact.”



After years of using the regular razor, I am toying with the idea of acquiring an electric shaver. Is this a good idea, and do you have any tips on how I should go about this?





“In order to make this switch, let’s start by evaluating the pros and cons of both these methods of shaving. Electric razors shave hair faster than manual razors because they roll up the skin, forcing the hairs up before cutting them, so you don’t need to go over the same area many times. They also don’t need to be used in combination with any special grooming items such as shaving cream, soap, gels or even water. They are more versatile in that they can be used to accurately shave facial hair, beards, moustaches, and sideburns while also reducing nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs. However they do not shave as closely as manual razors, so you may need to shave more frequently. It is also more expensive, takes practice and requires higher maintenance.


“Manual razors, on the other hand, provide the closest shave that lasts longer. The blades are easily replaceable, and they are easier to clean and travel with. But manual razors are less versatile, since they require a wet shave and water for a painless shave. Also, their razors dull quickly.


“So by and large, if you have extremely thick growth, an electric razor may not work for you. What you can do is mix and match and alternate between the two. The dual-edge or three-to-five edged razors that you get in the market today are pretty good and can reduce ingrowths too. Lastly, determining what works best for you is a process of trial and error. So start with a low-cost electric shaver and take it from there.”




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