Every Path On Bandersnatch Deconstructed
Every Path On Bandersnatch Deconstructed

Someone just mapped out every outcome for Bandersnatch

The first-ever interactive film, Bandersnatch hit Netflix right after Christmas. This 2018 psychological thriller is a part of the Black Mirror series and has managed to precede everyone’s expectations. Directed by Charlie Brooker, this film provides the user with a unique interactive experience that allows people to determine the fate of the character. 


Soon after its release, the people were raving about it on Twitter. And, thus began the ultimate quest to figure out every possible alternate ending.


Well, finally, someone did the hard work to map out every permutation and combination for all the dead ends and alternate endings. 


So, if you find yourself stuck, this map might help you out: 


You can work your way out from right to left. And, it has been further divided into three sections.







(Source: IGN)

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