Revisiting Eminem's Net Worth In 2022
Eminem Draws Millions During Super Bowl: Revisiting The Rap God’s Net Worth In 2022

Just how much does Slim Shady makes for a show like this, and what kind of bank account does all this success bring?

Performing in front of millions last Sunday, 49-year-old rapper Eminem scorched the stage with a host of iconic hits, including his all-time #1, “Lose Yourself.” Performing alongside greats such as collaborator and mentor Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Bilge, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar, the R&B-Rap roster gave audiences one of the best live performances of the year.


Several Eminem fans were left wondering: Just how much does Slim Shady makes for a show like this, and what kind of bank account does all this success bring? We’re here to answer just that.


How Much Does Eminem Make in a Year?

Eminem’s yearly earnings can fluctuate wildly, depending on factors such as album releases, tours, special appearances, and others.

That said, the rapper’s yearly income was confirmed back in 2019 by Forbes for its Celebrity 100 list, capping off at an impressive $50 million. This does not account for his royalty earnings from 2020’s Music to be Murdered By, which sold over half a million certified copies in the US alone.

What Were Eminem’s Earnings from the Super Bowl LVI Performance?

Credits: ESPN

Ever heard of freelancers getting asked to work for ‘exposure’ and not pay? Turns out that this kind of arrangement goes all the way to the top. You’d probably expect Eminem and the other half time performers to take home massive paychecks for such a performance, but it turns out that the NFL actually does not pay the artists!

Speaking to Forbes in 2016, an NFL representative said, “We do not pay the artists. We cover expenses and production costs.”

This means that while he performed for free, the show did put Shady in front of millions. He used this moment to take the knee in support of former NFL star Colin Kaepernick, a move that probably riled up the event organizers.

Credits: ESPN

Despite the nonexistent paycheck, Eminem shared that the show excited him. In an interview with SiriusXM earlier this month, he said, “When Dre first asked, when the whole thing started going down and we were like, ‘OK, this might be actually serious.’ I was trying to envision what Dre might do.”

“I was thinking like, ‘Yeah, it’s dope that all of us are gonna rap together.’ [But] I didn’t expect it to be, like the production to be like this.

I’m gonna tell you, it’s f–ing nerve-racking. To me, there’s nothing more final than live TV. You know what I’m saying? So if you f–k up, your f–k up is there forever,” he said. Taking this into account, his defiant gesture during the show seems even more badass, no doubt.

What is Eminem’s Net Worth?

Credits: @Eminem/Twitter

Now that we’ve established Shady’s regular earnings, what can we say about his net worth? According to various sources, the rapper cashes in at $230 million as of 2022.

This is largely in part due to his decades of touring revenue, occasional brand associations with Nike and Beats by Dre, and of course, the millions in royalties that he’s earned after selling over 191 million records since 1999.

While Eminem isn’t as flashy or wealth-conscious as some of his contemporaries, he does own two sprawling mansions in Michigan, which is his hometown. He also has a considerable collection of exotic vehicles, ranging from the blisteringly quick Porsche 911 GT2 RS to the gorgeous and exclusive Ferrari 599 GTO.

Apart from the usual mansion, exotic vehicles, and general trappings of celebrity life, the Detroit native has also developed a reputation for seeking out rare and valuable cultural artifacts.

Fitting for a rapper who combined taste, skill, and a twisted sense of humour, Eminem also owns a mint-edition original copy of Amazing Fantasy #15. Famous for being the first appearance of Spider-Man, the comic is something of a holy grail for enthusiasts and collectors, fetching over $1.1 million at auctions.

(Featured Image Credits: ESPN/@Eminem/Twitter)

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