Did You Know Almost Half Of Japan’s Population Has Not Had Sex?


If you’re thinking your love life’s DOA, think again. A recent Japanese survey has revealed some scary facts about the country which might just make you feel lucky.


According to the Japan Times, a new survey has found that 70 percent of unmarried men and 60 percent of unmarried women are not in a relationship. But wait, it gets worse – 42 percent men and 44.2 percent women (18-34 age group) admitted that they were virgins.


Now isn’t that a shocker, given that Japan is the go-to nation for everything weird and sexually deviant? From cuddle cafes to game shows involving fellatios, nude bars and sex showrooms, the country has it all. But is it only directed towards tourists then?


The study, carried out by Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, is conducted every five years. In 2010, 36.2 percent men and 38.7 percent women said they were virgins. The numbers have definitely gone up. Most people surveyed said they want to get married at some point. It’s just not clear when.


Funnily, India, on the other hand, is enjoying quite a sexual hoopla. According to the India Today Sex Survey of 2016, virginity and requirement of virginity for a relationship/marriage has dropped by 36% since last year, with virginity not being an important parameter anymore. Quoting the study, “Middle class Indians are not holding back their desires when it comes to experimenting…they are having wilder sex than before and loving it!” Also, the survey says, 86% of Indians are satisfied with their sex lives.


For Japan though, there is one positive indicator in the survey – For the first time, the number of women returning to work after maternity leave (given Japan’s notorious patriarchy) exceeds 50 percent.


Well, the Japanese should start playing with their Hello Kitties ASAP (if you know what I mean *wink wink*).



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