Did You Know About These 5 Hilarious Apps That Could Help Beat Those Monday Blues?
Did You Know About These 5 Hilarious Apps That Could Help Beat Those Monday Blues?

Since you’re glued to your smartphones, why not have a laugh at an app’s expense?

It’s Monday, and we all know how it’s the most dreaded day of the week. You don’t know how to deal with life’s problems, your head is in a limbo and all seems lost — all that remains is the strong will (and pure necessity) to power through situations and setbacks. That said, some things can help beat those Monday blues and since we are so glued to our smartphones these days, we thought we’ll make a list of funny apps that you can use during that smoke break or elevator. 


Amazing Voice Changer



If you want to say something in a baby voice but have a deep baritone, then this app will do the trick for you. You can also sound drunk and nervous, making this app really fun to play with. 





If you can use your imagination to good effect, this app lets you create some LOL worthy animations of yourself and your friends. 





Dubsmash lets you lip-sync dialogues and songs (and make some changes to the video too), and fulfills your desire of being a Bollywood actor to a small extent. Even celebrities have tried and shared their results online, and it is howlariously funny. 


Face Swap



A fun app that you can use between two people, this app is sure to make your stomach hurt considering its results are such ROFL material. You can also add effects or swap your face with a celebrity. 


Fart Sounds





A great prank app, this app lets you make fart sounds. They sound extremely real, so make sure that you use this app with the right people. BFFs or Family, preferably. Someone who will not leave you just because you grossed them out. 

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