Details Of Jeff Bezos' Luxury Superyacht Revealed
Here’s A Closer Look At Jeff Bezos’ $500 Million Superyacht

Codenamed Y721, Jeff Bezos’ uber luxurious yacht is said to be 417-feet-long and almost as tall as the Pyramid of Giza.

Jeff Bezos is trending on Twitter for exactly what you’d expect. The billionaire’s 417-foot-long floating mansion is closer to completion, but there’s only one problem— a bridge needs to be dismantled for the yacht to get to the seas. 


Even before its completion, the superyacht (codenamed Y721) has fascinated us, and we wanted to see what the fuss is all about. Here’s what we found. 

It will be as tall as the Great Pyramid of Giza

Yachts are a symbol of luxury. The bigger it is, the more wealthy you are perceived to be. So, of course, the richest man in the world would have the biggest yacht in the world. After completion, the Y721 will have a length of 417 feet. That’s almost as tall as the Great Pyramid of Giza! It will feature a black hull, three large decks, and three masts. 


It’s modelled after the Black Pearl

No, not that one. According to the company, it’ll be modelled after another famous yacht by Oceanco, the Black Pearl—said to be “one of the largest and most ecological sailing yachts in the world. She can cross the Atlantic without burning even a litre of fossil fuel.” While that sounds like good news, we have our doubts if Jeff will be concerned about the “Kitna deti hain?” question. 

There are actually two of them 

Along with his superyacht, Bezos has also commissioned a “tiny” support vessel, called YS 7512 from builder Damen Yachts. This smaller version will measure 246 feet in length and can house 45 additional crew and guests. The YS 7512 will also feature a helipad, a meeting space, and basically serve as a luggage storage space for Bezos’ jet and water skis. 

Luxury yacht sales broker, Fernando Nicholson while speaking to Architectural Digest, claims, shadow vessels are becoming a norm in the superyacht industry. He adds “You see them more and more now as an add-on to a superyacht purchase. They’ve almost become a must.”

It’ll cost almost half a billion dollars

Leave it to Bezos to spend a small nation’s worth of GDP on a yacht…err…superyacht. While the details have been kept under wraps, the yacht is said to feature an on-deck swimming pool, a cinema, several lounges and cutting-edge technology. 

According to Nicholson, “It’s a boat with the latest technology and bells and whistles that have never been seen. This will be the standard for all superyachts to follow, but in years to come, when its features become more affordable. Right now, only someone with Bezos’ wealth can swing the cost.” 

No wonder Jeffery will be cutting a cheque of more than $500 million, eh?

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