Crocs Comeback: 5 Unconventional Collaborations Of Recent Times
Crocs Comeback: 5 Unconventional Collaborations Of Recent Times

Love to hate them or hate to love them, Crocs are coming back in a big way

Once the preserve of frumpy dads and college boys, Crocs has seen a mega resurgence over the past few years, fronted by guys like Quest Love and Tyler The Creator, all while making over a billion in quarterly profits. Only now they’re getting more outrageous with mega-brands backing croc culture with hype-worthy collabs


Cars x Crocs



Let us emphasize the fact that this isn’t a new collaboration. Disney’s Cars franchise has collaborated with the footwear brand throughout the years. However, the recent popularity of Crocs has prompted both companies to revive the iconic red Lightning McQueen x Crocs combo, scheduled to drop sometime later this year.


​​MSCHF x Crocs



A collaboration that will set the fans and haters on the extreme side of the spectrum like the parting of the Red Sea comes from the Brooklyn-based art collective, MSCHF, and its ‘Big Yellow Boots’ featuring Crocs. Bold, distinctive, and eye-catching is how we’d like to describe the design, without risking falling on either side of the argument.


MSCHF claims the “shoes” are designed using the same lightweight ethylene-vinyl acetate material used on the standard Crocs and feature the same dual-position heel strap that can be detached and attached to “flip it from Sport Mode to Dad Mode.”


Levi’s x Crocs All-Terrain Clog



In an ideal world, SZA’s denim Clogs from last year should be credited for the upcoming Levi’s and Crocs collab. The pair, which is said to be designed by special projects lead Ryan Forsyth, features a sashiko denim finish and sports a robust All-Terrain Clog silhouette. Look closer, and you’ll also notice geometrically stitched light denim and custom branding accents on the footwear, with Levi’s jeans buttons securing the nylon strap and Levi’s Two Horse banners in Japanese printed across the footbed. A nice, subtle touch, we’d say.


Crocs Pollex Clog “Como”



Salehe Bembury has cooked something new in his lab, with the Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog “Como” colorway. Officially referred to as the “Niagara” colour scheme, the slip-ons get a darker-tone finish, with an aquatic blue finish on the concaved uppers and the sport mode heel strap. There’s also a minor flossy finish on the footwear, which is supposed to emulate the “gleam from the ocean when the sun beats down on it.”


Extra Butter’s ‘THE JETSONS’



In a bid to celebrate THE JETSONS’ 60th anniversary, New York City retailer Extra Butter collaborated with Crocs and Warner Brothers to put out the aptly futuristic shoe, clad in Space-Age Green colourway. Shaped like a flying saucer, often featured in the iconic cartoon, the silhouette gets a wavy outsole with indentations in between for increased ventilation in sports mode. Then there are the three-dimensional charms decorating the toe of the shoe, featuring THE JETSONS characters and Butter’s logo.”


Image Credits – Crocs/Twitter

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