These Crazy Dating Apps Could Help You Find A Partner Just In Time For Valentine's Day
These Crazy Dating Apps Could Help You Find A Partner Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Did you know there was a dating app exclusively for Gluten-free people?

If you decide to spend an hour checking out interesting apps on the Google Play Store, you’ll probably end up spending four hours. Such is the abundance of apps in today’s times. There’s something for everything. Even when it comes to dating, app developers are making some unique alternatives for Tinder that will leave you amused or interested. In one case (the final app on this list), it’ll make you feel a mixture of sad and happy.  































Well, while Tinder gives you options based on your likes, Hater turns the tables and gives you options based on your dislikes. After all, it’s nice to meet someone with whom you can rant about your pet peeve. Like English rap in Hindi songs.





Do you think the clean shaven look is for sissies and men who refuse to grow up? Well, Bristlr is made for you. Whether you like to stroke someone else’s facial fuzz, or have your beard stroked by someone else. Bristlr does all the hardwork for you.





Well, if Novak Djokovic was single, he’d love to download this app. And if you like him have been advised to follow a gluten free way of living, GlutenfreeSingles is tailor made for you. Let’s be honest, if your partner cannot stand the food you eat, the relationship is only going to the dumps.





If Linda Goodman is the most influential mentor in your life, then you must thank the makers of Align. As they say, if your stars don’t align, it isn’t worth wasting your time on someone.








A sensitive app on a sensitive issue – Positive Singles is a dating app for people affected with HIV and Herpes. Even they need love, and this app is a godsend that can connect those who don’t have much time left.

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