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The Best Long Coats For Your London Vacations

Ways to keep warm in The Big Smoke.

Ways to keep warm in The Big Smoke.


Every incredible winter destination needs an equally incredible wardrobe. Your cardigans, scarves and even socks are an essential, stylish and comforting part of your suitcase when you’re holidaying in places like London or any other chilly place in Europe. So while you may make do with just one sweater throughout, you may want to reconsider your options because like Thanksgiving dinner, there’s plenty to go ’round.





Versatility is key in any kind of dressing and the best quality about the colour light beige is its versatility. Wear any other colour underneath it and you’ll still look dapper.





A maroon long coat is not something you would instinctively reach for from the rack. However, take your time and take in the colour and let it really soak in so that the next time you’re out shopping, you won’t hesitate again.





Navy blue seems to be the hottest hue of the season. Men everywhere have been sporting a suit in the colour as groomsmen (or even guests) at the wedding. So why not a navy blue coat? Regal, mysterious and really comfortable are the makings of a great winter wedding outfit for a man on the go.





Classics never go out of style and the history of global fashion itself is proof. So if you were to were a grey long coat, know that you can always wear it even ten years from now. Bet on it.





Take the leather jacket up a notch –or down in this case, for length– and take this Louis Vuitton long leather coat out for a spin if you’re dropping down the pub for a pint.





Since blue is already going viral on the fashion scene, experiment with different tones of the colour, like this deep Cerulean long coat by Paul Smith.





Have a flight to catch? You’ll need this Zegna coat to keep you warm and comfortable at the airport.

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