“Choosing a film is like falling in love”
“Choosing a film is like falling in love”

Kay Kay Menon on Rahasya and Haider

How do you select a film?


I’ve always maintained that any form of art is a subjective matter. And subjective matters cannot be chosen objectively. It’s like, why did you fall in love with that girl? It is impossible to answer objectively. It is an organic and undefined process.


How different is theatre from cinema?


They are two purely different mediums. In theatre, you need techniques and skill to reach out to the audience. In cinema, the audience is reaching out to you. An actor has to understand that and mould his/her performance to that level of pitching and gesticulation and so on. But, what you carry forward from theatre is the confidence of facing an audience and you train your tools like delivery and pitching.


Let’s talk about Rahasya. How is it different from other whodunits or murder mysteries?


Rahasya is a whodunit with a repeat value. That is a quality which most whodunits tend to lack. No one watches murder mysteries for the second time because you know who the killer is.


Do you remember your first time in front of the camera?


The first time was for Saeed Mirza’s Naseem. It was a cameo. I don’t remember much apart from the fact that I felt good about it. I wasn’t nervous or anything because I had done theatre extensively before that. But, I was yet to learn how to mould myself for cinema.


Do you watch your films?


No, not really. I am a non-narcissistic person. I don’t admire myself, I don’t comb my hair or check myself in the mirror.


Why did Haider attract you?


I thought it was a brilliant adaptation which allowed more possibilities than constraints, at least for me. I was not King Claudius. I was just Claudius. It was the classical Kallu to Kalia approach. I love to play complex people, and even if it is not complex , I add that dimension.


What would be the perfect birthday gift at this point in your life?


The film making process is the most exciting and interesting experience for me. I want more such experiences.



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