Gauri Khan And 4 Other Maestros Cater To All Senses At The 'Chivas 18 Alchemy' Sensorial Spectacle
Gauri Khan And 4 Other Maestros Cater To All Senses At The ‘Chivas 18 Alchemy’ Sensorial Spectacle

In its second edition, maestros from the fashion, design, technology and the culinary world co-curated Chivas18 Alchemy.

Chivas, the hugely celebrated blended scotch whisky, recaptured the elusive with ‘Chivas 18 Alchemy’. Collaborating with 5 luxury and lifestyle aficionados to recently play host to the discerning connoisseurs. 


Laced with opulence, the evening was crafted for the senses by five maestros — architect Ambrish Arora, interior designer Gauri Khan, fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, tech guru Rajiv Makhni, and culinary genius Zorawar Kalra, each of them curating an unprecedented melange of craftsmanship and panache inspired by the award-winning blend of Chivas 18.


In the words of the scotch-maker, the five alchemists redefined the art of storytelling by unveiling their artistic expressions crafted for each of the senses.


Ambrish Arora


Deconstructing the sense of smell, Ambrish Arora, brought alive the Scottish provenance of the blend, by crafting a zone with aromas that teleported individuals to a rainy evening in the glen, and to the woody fragrance of the cask where the whisky gets its flavour.


Gauri Khan


The conjurer of the sensory, Mrs SRK accentuated the sense of sight, by using eighteen hundred Chivas Regal 18 bottles to create an illuminating installation that lit up the night.


Rajesh Pratap Singh


Deciphering the sense of touch, Rajesh Pratap Singh, as the master stroke of genius, curated an elegant space inspired by the alchemy of opposites, evoked by the origins of the blend.


Rajiv Makhni


The sound maestro Rajiv Makhni, curated a soul-stirring experience, by orchestrating an astounding blend of sensory and the technology world to create an immersive experience. Combining the true Binaural Sound and Virtual Reality Visuals, he crafted the one of a kind 360-degree audio and image room.


Zorawar Kalra


Zorawar Kalra, curator of the culinary, unveiled a theatre of flavors inspired by the 85 notes of Chivas Regal 18. The cuisine was an amalgamation of modern and progressive elements. Marrying the classic heritage of taste with whimsical dash of pairings, textures and appearance, it resulted into a gastronomical magic for those present.


On the occasion, Pernord Ricard’s general manager (International Brands), Girish Patil spoke about the event with much admiration. “Chivas 18 Alchemy is experiential and it celebrates fine craftsmanship and creativity inspired by the rich and multi-layered blend of Chivas 18 which rewards the senses with its unique 85 flavour notes,” he said.

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