Celebrities Who Don't Make Any Sense At All On Twitter
Celebrities Who Don’t Make Any Sense At All On Twitter

Alas, our celebrities are yet to figure out the right way to use Twitter.

It’s been years since Twitter was launched, and by now, we would have expected our celebrities to have figured out how to put the micro blogging platform to good use. But alas, some people will never learn. These celebrities continue to post inane stuff, and amazingly, their follower count doesn’t see a considerable dip. 


Let’s take a look at the biggest culprits. 

Rishi Kapoor

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Seriously, Rishiji. This holds true for any year. Why are you falling for such things? Even a 5th standard kid will be able to see through this. We’ve made a guide just for you, that you can read. 


Virender Sehwag

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You were a fearless cricketer who could demoralize the best bowler with your shot making ability. However, on Twitter, your fearlessness often results into you posting something painfully lame. For example, in the above tweet, you have compared Lasith Malinga’s hair to a utensil cleaner. 


Amitabh Bachchan

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There’s probably not a single actor in the history of Indian cinema as versatile and as tireless as you, but you have this very bad habit of spamming our timelines with retweets. Also, why do you have to use and say something silly like ‘BAAADDDUUUMMMBAAAAAAA!!!’. Read about why we think that you really need to up your Twitter game.


Mahesh Bhatt

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We don’t know what you think, but your tweets seem even more cryptic than some obscure paintings. For example, in the above tweet you are using a quote where someone who is confused between being a falcon, a storm or an unfinished song. Well, our simple answer is that the person is none of these three. He/she is a human being. 


Salman Khan

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Talking about being human, Salman Khan, you rule the roost when it comes to making absolutely no sense on Twitter. Like we’ve said before, your tweets cannot be decoded even by the CBI.


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