Celebrate Crime Writers Festival with Some of Agatha Christie's Most Famous Mysteries
Celebrate Crime Writers Festival with Some of Agatha Christie’s Most Famous Mysteries

The spotlight is set to shine on Agatha Christie in celebration of her 125th anniversary.

The Hindustan Times Crime Writer’s Festival has begun in the capital city and if you plan to visit, then you are bound to find noted journalists, filmmakers and of course, crime writers from across the spectrum, participating in the novel event. This three day initiative is extra special this year since there is a session that will highlight Agatha Christie’s noted works and will also pay a tribute to the ‘Queen’ of crime fiction. Kathryn Harkup, the British forensic expert is all set to examine the fascinating potion concoctions created by Agatha Christie in her famous novels.


Kathryn Harkup is going to be in conversation with director Dom Hastings, from the Scotland International Crime Writing Festival on Sunday, 17th January, 2016.  Other writers hail from countries such as Italy, Israel, Spain, France and the UK along with our very own noted writers from the country.


Keeping this in mind, here is a list of some Agatha Christie’s best-known mysteries that have paved their way into our hearts since the past few years:




Murder on the Orient Express


Year: 1934


Mr. Ratchett is found murdered in the Orient Express and the killer is still on board, turning it into a challenging affair for Poirut, who is set to examine a list of suspects and discover a surprise ending, that he could have never imagined.


The ABC Murders


Year: 1935


Alice Ascher, Betty Barnard and Carmichael Clarke are murdered and now it is up to Poirut to stop the killer, whose next target would be a certain ‘D’. This one is definitely a nail-biting thriller that you cannot afford to miss!


Five Little Pigs


Year: 1943


There is a certain error in judgement in the conviction of Caroline Crale, a woman who had to serve life sentence for poisoning her very own husband. After her demise, her daughter asks Poirot if there can be another angle to the case, which leads him to five other suspects. This masterpiece is a combination of brilliant storytelling depicting five different accounts of the distressing event.


Endless Night


Year: 1967


When a rich American heiress marries a working class lad, there was a certain discrepancy in the minds of people who knew them. Ellie and Michael Rogers settle in their new house only to discover that there is something awaiting them. The terrifying climax will puzzle the readers and makes Agatha Christie the ‘Queen’ of crime writers.


Crooked House


Year: 1949


Yes, this one is about a murder in the Leonides family. It deals with the poisoning of Aristides and is one of the most shocking pieces of stories ever written by Agatha Christie.



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