Cant Get Enough Sleep? Napflix Promises To Bore You To Sleep


Do you have a crazy work schedule and do not get enough sleep at night? Or are you one of those who have tirelessly tried every trick in the book to get rid of your insomnia, but have failed all attempts? Well, here’s some good news for all of you. 


A site called Napflix is here to alleviate all your sleep troubles. The site curates the most boring videos on YouTube in a range of categories that will definitely help you get some sleep. Launched in October this year, this is definitely an interesting concept that offers you a range of extremely dull, boring and monotonous videos that will guarantee sleep.


In an interview to The Telegraph, the site’s founder, Victor de Tena talks about how the project focuses on ‘the concept of siesta’ and that he came up with the idea after falling asleep to a football match whose final result was 0-0. And that was it. He got heavily inspired by what happened and decided there is a scope for videos that bore you and make you fall asleep instantly. 


Napflix draws all its collections from YouTube and some of the main highlights include a documentary on stamp collecting, a four-hour lava lamp, footage of sleeping koalas and a whole lot more.


Check it out here.

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